Vincent Paterno: FedEx driver refuses to deliver to BLM and Biden supporters

Vincent Paterno: FedEx driver refuses to deliver to BLM and Biden supporters
Vincent Paterno said he won't deliver parcels to homes supporting BLM and Biden government (TikTok/ vincentmrworldwid)

A FedEx driver took to TikTok to share that he won’t deliver packages to houses that display flags supporting President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, or Black Lives Matter. Vincent Paterno posted the video on social media on September 16 while wearing the uniform of the transport company and appearing to sit inside a delivery truck. 

Paterno said in the video, “What's up TikTok. Just wanted to come on here and let all you know, if you don't have a flag in front of your house, and if you have a Joe Biden, Kamala f***ing camel toe posted up in front of your house, Black Lives Matter — I will not deliver your s**t,” before adding, “I will not deliver your s***. I will bring that back to the station and I will keep doing that s***. Have a good day.”


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After the video went viral, a spokesperson for FedEx told TooFab, “We are appalled by the behavior depicted in this video, which does not reflect the views of FedEx. This individual is no longer providing service on behalf of the company.” However, Paterno claimed that he was not fired from the company, he, instead, left on his own.

In another TikTok video shared on Sunday, September 26, the man said that he had already informed his boss about his plan to leave the company this month. The recent social media video showed him posting text messages from September 13, where he informed his supervisors, “This week is my actual last week I start next Monday.”

The man claimed he has not been fired (TikTok/ vincentmrworldwid)

The first video has amassed more than 74K views and over 3K comments, mostly criticizing Paterno. “You about to lose your job,” a user commented. Another asked, “How are you 40 acting like this?” A comment read, “So if you get sick and go to the ER remember those doctors, nurses, and people have the right not to help you if they support Biden.” “Somebody tag me in his weepy apology video after he gets fired,” a user added.

Meanwhile, there were some on TikTok who noted that not delivering or stopping parcels from getting delivered is a crime, according to 18 US Code 1708. A TikTok user tagged the FBI and stated, “This man just admitted to withholding mail over political beliefs.” “That's literally a crime?” another one wrote.

A few users also mentioned the dangers packages not delivered on time pose. One wrote, “Some people get medicine delivered, including life saving medicine or medical devices. You could be hurting people.” Another user added: “I want a felony charge and jail time. People get medicine delivered to them. I want him arrested.”

Several people took to Twitter also to express their views. A person tweeted, “Politics + social media is just rotting people's minds. It's out of control.” Another one sarcastically asked, “Has he started the obligatory Go Fund Me with a sob story pity party about being unjustly fired? It’s all so predictable. #ActionsHaveConsequences.” “@FedEx needs to fire his manager for not firing him on the spot or at least report him if his manager does not have the authority to fire him,” the third one added.








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