#BoycottFedex: FedEx fires black drivers for recording encounter with racist customer, rehires after online furor

FedEx offered to rehire the drivers, but social media users are still not satisfied and are questioning why the employees were fired in the first place

                            #BoycottFedex: FedEx fires black drivers for recording encounter with racist customer, rehires after online furor

After FedEx allegedly fired two employees for posting the video of an encounter with a racist client, social media has called for boycotting the delivery services giant.

The clip was posted by one Antonio under the Twitter handle @Toniob38. He, however, removed and uploaded the video again, tweeting, "Update FedEx called and told me to take down this video and fired both of us Today." Click to see video here

"I’m reposting this video because people like him doesn’t matter white or any race should never disrespect essential workers putting their lives in jeopardy especially with this covid-19," Antonio wrote.

FedEx has now responded via Twitter, saying, "We are aware of the incident in GA that led to the release of two drivers employed by a service provider. We're offering employment while investigating to ensure an appropriate outcome. We take seriously allegations of discrimination, retaliation, or improper employment actions."

However, social media users are still not satisfied and are questioning why the employees were fired in the first place. One such user shared, "Okay but why’d you fire them in the first place? A little post won’t cut it. What you did wasn’t right. Glad someone’s taking responsibility for their mistake tho." A second one added, "You should have NEVER FIRED THEM! The need to be rehired with a bonus or incentive to accommodate them for the emotional trauma they occurred. This was ridiculous for you to fire them. If Twitter didn’t exist, they would still be unemployed!!!"

The video clip features a FedEx employee, Felinzay, who is seen standing and talking to a man in front of his FedEx truck. In the video, he is heard saying, "You didn’t have to come out there cussing me like that, like I’m some child. I ain’t no little boy. I’ll wait till the police come." Antonio had also provided some background and context for what had happened and had tweeted, "Back story All we did just delivered his package."

"Mind you he was in the house it was quick stop as soon we were leaving he ran out his house cursing and threatening us and we just apologized but he kept escalating the situation then kept saying he would whoop out black asses [sic]," he revealed. 

"That’s when we told his wife to get the police on us.. that’s when he kept following us then he pulled out his phone to record us and start playing the victim role we drove off at first but they yelled 'f**k y’all," Antonio added. 

"I really appreciate the job opportunity i had with FedEx.. no hard feelings but I pray I can get back on my feet because i have a daughter now," he continued. 

The fact that Antonio and Felinzay seem to have lost their job, something that Antonio seemingly confirmed, left social media outraged. Many users have called for the boycott of FedEx with the hashtag #BoycottFedEx trending, Distractify reports.

One such customer wrote, "Wow @FedEx, great way to support your essential workers by giving them your a$$ to kiss. I will be going with USPS and UPS for my shipping needs for now on." Another outraged user added, "@FedEx is this how you treat your essential employees who are risking their lives daily to help your company maintain value and revenue? Does the dignity, well-being, and safety of your black employees not matter to you?!" 

"Please fix this @FedEx @FedExHelp -- do better by your employees. You should support them. Don't fire them for standing up for themselves against unacceptable abuse while trying to do their job," wrote a third. 

A customer shared, "Honestly, boycott @FedEx. Not only b/c of this bs termination but also because they prevent their workers from unionizing and refuse to provide their workers with proper PPE and cleaning supplies and best practices during a pandemic. Obligatory: Support the @USPS instead."

Meanwhile, a GoFundMe that has been started for Antonio and Felinzay. "These funds will be given to the two employees seen in the video who are now out of a job," the fundraiser reads in the about section. "We've spoken to both former employees and they will be grateful for any type of support as they transition to finding a new job."

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