'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 7: Victor Strand's cowardice can only lead to death and heartbreak

Victor Strand's thrown in his lot with Virginia and though he claims to be earning her trust to take her down, can he really pull that trigger?

                            'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 7: Victor Strand's cowardice can only lead to death and heartbreak

Spoilers for 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6, Episode 7  'Damage from the Inside'

Victor Strand (Colman Domingo) may want to believe that he's a man making the hard decisions for the greater good, but in truth, it's his cowardice that has seen him throw his lot in with Virginia (Colby Minifie). He has cozied himself up to what appears to be the winning side and as a result of his choices, people are going to lose their lives, people who made the simple mistake of trusting him.

Ever since he accepted a position as one of Virginia's Rangers on Episode 2 of Season 6, he's been every bit the spineless lackey Virginia thought he could be. It's men like Strand that have kept Virginia in power - men who could be convinced that the only winning side was hers and that the only way to stay on that winning side is to keep her in power. Strand has turned on his friends time and time again. First Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey), then John Dorie (Garrett Dillahunt) and even new ally Dakota (Zoe Colletti), all because he's afraid of repercussions from Virginia.

It's clear that he's attached himself to the most powerful player on the board and as much as he tells his allies in hushed whispers that it's all part of a plan to get close enough to Virginia to take her down, Strand clearly doesn't have the necessary conviction to pull the trigger when the time comes. He's not turned on his friends in service of a greater plan, he's turned on them because it's easier to follow someone in a position of power, even if that person is a tyrant. Dorie saw it, 

The problem is, his former allies still trust him and give him the benefit of the doubt, to an extent. When Morgan (Leslie Jones) attacked Dakota's escorts, he waited until Strand was out of the way to do it. Despite his actions, Strand still has people who are willing to trust him and Strand is definitely willing and able to leverage that trust to his advantage. He's finally gained Virginia's trust, who has revealed to him that she's captured Grace (Karen David) and has tasked Strand down with tracking the rest of Morgan's group, putting them all in danger from the man they once thought of as an ally.

'Fear the Walking Dead' will return in 2021, on AMC.

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