'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 6: Will John and June go separate ways? Here's how Virginia caused split

Virginia may be responsible for a split between the couple in a way that we haven't seen before, in ways they may never recover from

                            'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 6: Will John and June go separate ways? Here's how Virginia caused split

Spoilers for 'Fear the Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 6: 'Bury Her Next to Jasper's Leg'

At the start of the episode, John Dorie (Garrett Dillahunt) had a very simple question for his wife, June (Jenna Elfman) - "Will you come with me?" She didn't answer, at the time, torn between her responsibilities to the community, and to her husband. By the end of the episode, though, her mind was made up. No matter how desperately John wanted - needed - to leave, June wasn't going anywhere, and she has Virginia (Colby Minifie) to thank for helping June to make up her mind.

After John sees corruption exposed first hand in Episode 4, he's finding that he's unable to live with himself at Lawton. He's not just making idle plans to get away - he tells June, in no uncertain terms, that he can't live in Lawton anymore, and that he has to get away from Virginia. Of course, he refuses to tell his wife exactly why he needs to leave so badly, seeking to protect her, but being unable to share just how corrupt Virginia is means that June only sees the same side of Virginia that everyone else does - one who is harsh, but sticks to her ideals.

June can recognize that something about Virginia is driving her husband out of her mind, however. When Virginia gets bit by a walker, June is ready and willing to let Virginia die in order to bring her husband some peace of mind, even if she doesn't fully understand the situation. All she knows is that Virginia is the source of her husband's problems, and that's all she needs to know. However, facing her own impending death puts Virginia in a vulnerable position, and she opens up to show a human side to herself that other people almost never get to see. For someone who is as dedicated to saving lives as June is, and who hasn't seen the side of Ginny that John has seen, that's all June needs to change her mind and save Virginia's life.

It's not all altruism, as June leverages the moment to get Virginia to agree to construct a hospital for Lawton so that June can save more lives, but it's a clear indication that June believes that Virginia is capable of doing the community good. In fact, Virginia has managed to convince June that Virginia is exactly what the community needs - and that June needs to be a part of that, too. June is not going anywhere - especially with so many people depending on her and her new hospital, so when John outlines another escape plan, June holds her ground, her decision made.

This puts John in a difficult spot. He either leaves his wife so he can find some measure of peace away from Virginia - or he stays, and slowly loses his own soul in the process. As it stands, he's not strong enough to stay and find a way to hold true to his morals, and the episode ends on an ambiguous note as John takes the fork that separates him from June, speeding him on to safety. The two part, and the episode ends before we can say for certain whether or not John has completely committed to escaping and leaving his wife behind in Lawton.

This would not be the first time John and June have been separated, as they've fought time and time again to be together through 'Fear the Walking Dead'. This is the first time, however, that they have a chance to be together for as long as they like. The split between them goes a lot deeper than circumstances, and if the two separate now, then no matter what happens in regards to Virginia's tenure as ruler, John and June may never be able to be together again as a couple.

The next episode of 'Fear the Walking Dead' will air on Sunday, November 22, at 9 pm ET, on AMC.

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