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'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 2: Alicia, Strand and Daniel back in action as fans cheer for the OGs

Fans are glad for Alicia Clark-centric episode on 'Fear The Walking Dead'.
'Fear The Walking Dead' (AMC)
'Fear The Walking Dead' (AMC)

In the previous episode of 'Fear The Walking Dead', we saw a wounded Morgan (Lennie James) fight and decapitate a psychotic bounty-hunter, sent by Virginia (Colby Minfie). He becomes a 'new Morgan' at the end of the episode, with the hat and horse to bolster his claims. In the next episode of Season 6, the focus is on Alicia Clark and fans are almost sighing with relief. It has been a while since she got the 'screentime' she deserves as they and they're more than excited to see a storyline focussed on her. While Morgan was alone and battled dreadful threats, Alicia and Strand (Colman Domingo) are faced with an unusual task from Virginia: She needs access to the weapons in the warehouse and the only way she can get to them is by clearing out the Walkers from the warehouse. 

Most fans are busy tweeting 'Alicia Clark Is Back', and others are just glad that the FWD OGs have some screentime for themselves. "Geez I missed Alicia a lot #feartwd ALICIA CLARK IS BACK," a fan tweeted. "Alicia, Victor, and Daniel, so great having the OGs together again! #FearTWD," a fan wrote.



Some were full praise for Alicia and Strand's 'dynamic' duo. "Strand relies on Alicia because she reminds him of Madison, who brought out the best in him#feartwd," one wrote. "Alicia & strand have been through many things together since season 1 and their bond makes them a stronger duo #feartwd," another tweeted. "The f**king smirk I f**king love u baby you deserve so much better I am sorry for the lack of storyline, leadership, protagonism and screentime they are giving to you #feartwd," a fan wrote.




However, others wanted to watch up with the rest of the team, rather than just Alicia. "I take it this is going to be a bottle episode. Were 30 mins in and all we gettin' is Strand and Alicia. I love them both but I was hoping we could catch up with everyone since we waited so long for an episode. #FearTWD #FTWD #Fearthewalkingdead," one wrote.


'Fear The Walking Dead' airs on AMC, Sundays at 9pm.