'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 1: Bounty-hunter is like gov with boxes instead of fish tank, say fans

'Fear The Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 1: Bounty-hunter is like gov with boxes instead of fish tank, say fans

Season 6 of 'Fear The Walking Dead' kicked off with a decapitation, setting the tone for the premiere episode. A man named Walter rushes through the woods and finds Emile LaRoux, who just seems to be minding his own business at a bonfire. Walter explains that he's hungry and Emile offers him food, which he gladly eats. There are a few minutes of awkward conversation and before we know it, Walter has been beheaded and the head has been placed in a basket. Emile is a bounty hunter, and now, he has been given instructions by Virginia (Colby Minfie) to hunt down Morgan, kill him and send his head back to Virginia. As we last remember, Virginia shot Morgan and he was left to be devoured by Walkers. But obviously, Morgan isn't going to die so easily. 

Fans, who have been waiting for FWD to air, are comparing Emile to the Governor back in the old days of the original show, 'The Walking Dead', as he used to collect heads of the Walkers. 

"Hmm. Dude is like the Governor only with boxes instead of a fish tank. #feartwd," a fan tweeted.


Others said that he might be FWD's version of the Governor too. "Well, we found Fear’s version of the Governor@FearTWD#FearTWD," a fan tweeted.


Some fans called him the Boba Fett of the 'The Walking Dead' universe. "Also Im really liking this bounty hunter...he’s the boba fett of the walking dead universe #FearTWD," a fan wrote.


Considering the bounty-hunter kills people with just one swipe, fans have called it rather oddly satisfying. "Damn this bounty hunter's slices are so satisfying #FearTWD," a fan wrote.


And now the bounty-hunter has caught up to Morgan. Will he manage to survive this time? "#FearTWD It looks like LaRoux has tracked Morgan down and knows his name. I just hope that Corpsman can still put up a good fight against the Bounty Hunter," a fan wrote.


'Fear The Walking Dead' is following an anthology format for this season. The shows airs on AMC on Sundays at 9 pm. Don't forget to tune in!

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