Faul & Wad get candid about what brought them together and how their 'music is an expression of emotions and aims to entertain'

The duo has released their latest single 'Tokyo', and it is just as electrifying as their previous work which includes their most noted single 'Wild Love'.

                            Faul & Wad get candid about what brought them together and how their 'music is an expression of emotions and aims to entertain'

Faul & Wad are best known for their hit 'Changes' with PNAU, which has 163 million Spotify streams and was used in adverts for brands such as Mercedes-Benz. Their last release, also on Spinnin' 'Wild Love', has also been supported by a diverse range of artistes such as R3Hab, Lucas & Steve and Danny Howard. They have also recently performed at the likes of TomorrowWorld and Pukkelpop.

They released their new single 'Tokyo' on Spinnin' on Friday. In an exclusive mailer with MEAWW, the duo spoke about how they began their journey from individual musicians to becoming partners, the several music festivals which brought in their massive fan base, and what inspired their track, 'Tokyo' on Spinnin'.



Tell us a little about your journey. Were you guys individually performing before you came together as a duo? Or was it always the two of you?

Actually, I started to produce a song called 'Happy Endings' back in 2013, it worked pretty well (I think it has 11 million views now) so I knew that was the beginning of something. I had been uploaded on the major YouTube music channel at the time 'The Sound You Need'. This support brought so much exposure to my musical project FAUL and seeing so many strong and positive reactions and feedback from so many people around the globe regarding the music I produced was an incredible feeling. I was missing something in my music and my best friend WAD (Camil) was also producing music (we’ve known each other since we were 11 years old) and one day we sat down in my parent’s basement and starting to produce as a duo.

We finally produced 'Changes' featuring PNAU together, which was a major hit tune in 2013 around Europe, which reached top 10 electronic music charts in more than 10 countries and now has more than 200 million streams. It felt totally normal to produce tracks together and we’ve been producing songs since as FAUL & WAD. In the end, music is an expression of emotions and aims to entertain lives and represent life moments, so it seems logical and normal to produce between best friends. Having fun and music production has to come together if you want to express the summer, good vibes type of feelings we are trying to spread.

How did 'Changes' come about? It was also used in adverts for Mercedes-Benz. Were you approached by the company? How was the whole experience of seeing your song being used by such a prestigious brand?

'Changes' featuring PNAU was a turning point in our lives; everything started from there. We started playing around the world, meeting so many people and artistes. It was our label which worked incredibly hard to secure the synchronization for the Mercedes advert. We met the marketing team from Mercedes and we became Mercedes ambassador for a year and a half, it was such a great experience. We loved their car and brand so we were honored to work with them, and we also had the pleasure to perform a few times for the Geneva International Motor Show back then and at the Motor Show Paris as well.


Could you tell us about the production process behind 'Wild Love'? 

'Wild love' is a result of great feelings, and the will to spread love and good vibes to people. It seems a bit cheesy to say this kind of things but in reality a lot of songs are produced depending on the mood of the producers at that moment, so at this moment we felt a terrible lack of summer vibes, good news, smiling people, loving lyrics so at the end we needed a few wild dances, wild thoughts and of course wild love. We really hope that this song expressed all these emotions and feelings mentioned above by the music and video clip as well. We had the chance to work with a great team (Radboud & Duncan) on this song as well so we have to thank them, hope you will read these guys.


You guys have performed at TomorrowWorld. What other big concerts have you performed in or would like to perform in? Is there a bucket list?

Yes, we also did other great festivals such as Solidays in Paris, Pukkelpop in Belgium, Nature One in Germany, and others. We do have a bucket list, we would love to perform at Coachella, Tomorrowland, Burning Man, EDC festival and Ultra festival as well. In the end, it’s the best feeling to play in front of a big crowd at a festival no matter which one it is, wherever it is, how big it is; each time it has its unique feeling and mood you share with the people.

Let's come to your upcoming track now. What is 'TOKYO' on Spinnin' about?

'TOKYO' is a track we loved producing with the amazing producer Vertue based in the UK, it is a meeting of two musical universes from Paris and London. The song is about Tokyo city, the perpetual movement from this city, a city we always dreamt about visiting — maybe we will perform there with this song. The melody and rhythm inside this music is an expression of this continuous motion of people, lights in this city according to the idea we had imagined in our heads as we have never been there it’s only a representation of the feeling, the music we would like to hear if we were arriving in the middle of Tokyo City during the night, completely lost! We would like to hope someone would take our hands and walk with us through the city.


How long did it take to produce the song? What challenges did you face?

I’m not sure how long it took to produce the song, as music is a passion for us and Vertue so we didn’t count hours but approximatively two months probably with further versions of the track and different structures. The challenge was to find the right feeling to express the emotion we had in our heads at that moment, and especially as we were more than one person working on this song, the feelings from each one were mixed together, but to get the right vibe in the final song we had to connect these unique feelings together.

The track certainly has a unique title. How did you come up with that?

'Tokyo' is about Tokyo City as explained above, this a dream city that we want to visit, it’s been on our bucket list for a long time so it seems logical to get its own title.


What more are you planning to do once the single is out? Is it a part of an entire album? 

For the moment we haven’t discussed about an album. We have a lot of new tracks with different styles, genres and we want to produce what we like at the moment as you can see 'TOKYO' is different from 'Wild Love’, and maybe the one after that will be something completely different as well. We want to release further new singles and then maybe one day will think about putting together an album or EP.