Father arrested after video footage of him teaching a young girl how to smoke goes viral

Father arrested after video footage of him teaching a young girl how to smoke goes viral
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Law enforcement in Saudi Arabia has arrested a father who was filmed teaching his baby daughter how to smoke a cigarette. According to local media, the father is accused of filming and posting the footage online in which he shows the child how to take a puff off a lit cigarette in a yet-to-be-identified part of Saudi Arabia.

In the appalling clip, the father puts a cigarette to the innocent baby's mouth and instructs her to smoke it. The gullible infant can be seen taking the cigarette in her mouth and breathing in fumes from the cigarette before exhaling it as her father removes it.

The youngster appears to be two or three years old at most.

The father can then be seen asking the girl if she wants another puff, to which the young girl nods yes.

He then puts the cigarette back in her mouth for the second time for her to smoke, at which point she takes an even longer drag.


Although it is unclear who filmed the footage and shared it online, it seems like the man with the cigarette may have captured and shared it himself.

As of now, neither the little girl or the man have been publicly identified.

After the footage was posted on Twitter, police issued a warrant for the father's arrest. The video has garnered more than 226,000 views on social media.

The man who featured in the video has now been arrested by officers who are currently investigating the case, according to reports from local media.

The public prosecution released a statement saying it has "a role to protect society and to hold those who break rules and laws to account."

The video has rattled several users on social media. One wrote: "That is disgusting. The dad should be locked up, it's child abuse!"

Another said: "That poor little girl has no idea what she is doing and some scum bag dad thinks it's funny to poison her little lungs. Total scum."

Warning the public that it will do whatever it takes to preserve security and safety of children, the prosecution said it will not hold back even if the guardians or parents are at fault.


However, it is still unclear on what grounds the man is being held under arrest.

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