Mourning father takes his own life after botched Brazilian butt lift surgery killed his daughter

Mourning father takes his own life after botched Brazilian butt lift surgery killed his daughter
Craig Cambridge (R) seen with his daughter Leah (C) and a friend (Facebook)

A grieving father hung himself, unable to tolerate the tragic death of his daughter, who died while getting a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey. According to the delayed inquest into the death, which was presented on Wednesday, July 6, Craig Cambridge killed himself in April 2021. His lifeless body was reportedly found by his other daughter, Chelsea, and his partner at his home in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

As per reports, Craig’s daughter Leah died in 2018 during a botched plastic surgery procedure carried out by Dr Ali Uckan at Can Hastanesi Hospital in Turkey's Izmir. It has been said that the 29-year-old’s cause of death was "pulmonary embolism," caused by the plastic surgeon who put fat into her veins, which resulted in three heart attacks on the operating table.


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Leah’s 51-year-old dad could not get over it and went into depression. He also began abusing alcohol before hanging himself on April 5 last year. Following his death, Leah’s widower, Scott Franks, said: “Rest in peace Craig Cambridge, one top bloke. I’ll never forget all the times you was there for me. We all love you so much, take care of Leah now mate.” A relative had shared, “Craig never got over the death of Leah. We are devastated, but at least now he is together with his Leah again. He was found by his daughter. It’s just more heartbreak for the family.” 

Senior coroner Kevin McLoughlin, who conducted inquiries into both Craig and Leah's deaths, reportedly said: “I am reliant on the pathologist for the cause of death, which in this case is hanging. This was a suicide attributed in part to the death of his daughter who died in surgery in Turkey.” McLoughlin also referred to Craig's other daughters, Chelsea and Hayley, and noted: “Normally I am quite detached and hard-hearted about inquests, but when I saw another tragedy had befallen your family, I felt quite grievous. Having conducted the inquest into Leah all those years ago, I was incensed that the surgeon in Turkey stood well clear,” before adding, “I am proposing to send the report to the surgeon to make him aware of the tentacles of this. I am intending to send it to the medical authorities in Turkey to make them aware of how a tragedy manifests itself years later. I feel dreadfully sorry for you as a family.”

This comes after in 2020, a Brazilian butt lift expert had spoken about the risks of it to MEAWW. Popular as Dr Miami, Dr Michael Salzhauer, had first explained the procedure by saying, “We take that fat out. We isolate it. We put antibiotics into it and then we inject it into the booty and sculpt it. It is also their own fat and so there is no chance of rejecting it.”

But the surgeon also mentioned the dangers and “one of the most significant problems would be if the fat, instead of going under the skin, can go into the muscle or the veins of the butt and in the heart and lungs. This can even kill people.” Dr Salzhauer then went on to focus on why the demand of such procedures have increased lately and he stated: “The archeology of different cultures show curvy women. We are just going back to that. The Brazilian Butt lift allows people who weren't blessed with that shape - to have it through surgery.” He also added: “The healthier the patient is, the more the chances are of them going through it successfully. On the other hand, it is not a joke so you shouldn't be doing surgery for no reason.”

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 Father took his life after daughter died during botched Brazilian butt lift in Turkey