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Father who stabbed 10-month-old son to death said he saw the '666' mark on him

Police found the 37-year-old man in an abandoned home he allegedly broke into. When the authorities found him, they noticed that he was wearing bloodstained clothes.
UPDATED APR 10, 2020
(Source:Police Department)
(Source:Police Department)

A Utah father was recently accused of killing his 10-month-old son. Alex Hidalgo told the authorities that he did so because he believed his son was marked with "666", the number which is often associated with the devil or the beast. Alex was arrested a day after he stabbed his son. According to the court documents, Alex stabbed his son multiple times in the neck on a homemade altar and then stashed the baby’s body in a garbage bag in his closet. Police found the 37-year-old man in an abandoned home he allegedly broke into. When the authorities found him, they noticed that he was wearing bloodstained clothes. They believe he was wearing the same clothes when he murdered his son,  Alex Hidalgo Jr.

Alex Hidalgo (Weber County Sheriff Office)

In the police documents obtained by People, it is reported that Alex tried to run away from the police before he was detained. The child’s mother, referred to in court documents as A.D., was out of the house running errands when the incident took place. When she returned home, she stated that she saw Alex reading a bible and watching a video that contained “religious music and sermons.”

She then noticed that their child was missing and started questioning him. The document states that he then allegedly told her he had killed the boy, that the son had “666” on him, and that he had “built an altar like they had talked about." The documents do not state if the boy had those marks or how Alex thinks he saw the marks on his son. 

At first, A.D. did not believe Alex but her fears were confirmed when she saw the body of her child. A neighbor quickly arrived at the scene and tried to give the child CPR as Alex reportedly fled the scene. He was unable to revive the child who was pronounced dead when taken to the local hospital. Authorities said a post-mortem examination of the deceased child’s body found multiple stab wounds on the neck. A paring knife was found by investigators in the sink, “wet as if it had recently been washed.” The authorities also discovered blood-soaked towels in the scene. They also noticed the blood that had seeped into the carpet and around the garbage can. Using forensic chemicals, the authorities found that Alex had attempted to clean the area. 

Alex has been charged with aggravated murder, obstruction of justice and desecration of a human body. Arrest records show that he is being held without bail. Alex Jr's mother, A.D. started a GoFundMe page which states that the money generated through the page will go "for this genuinely beautiful soul." 

"Tragedy hit our family. On July 20, 2018, loving son, grandson, brother, nephew, and cousin Alex Hidalgo Jr. was taken from us unexpectedly this was a direct result as a violent and unjustifiable crime. We as a community will come together in this horrific time for the Drake/Hidalgo family. We need to do whatever it takes to make things easier for the family to grieve. Proceeds will go to helping to defray service expenses for this genuinely beautiful soul. Anything helps and is much appreciated. Please pray for the Drake/ Hidalgo family, they need all the support and strength they can get right now. God bless!" the page stated.