Father marched 18-year-old rapist son to the police and made him confess, says 'I'd do it again'

The horrified parents marched the 18-year-old to the police station and ordered him to confess after discovering a text he wrote apologizing to his victim

                            Father marched 18-year-old rapist son to the police and made him confess, says 'I'd do it again'
Jack Evans (Gwent Police )

A British dad made the very difficult decision to turn his son to the police after he discovered his teenage son was a rapist. This act led the 18-year-old attacker to be ordered for a two-year prison sentence. Now as the teen begins his prison sentence, his father said, 'l'd do the same thing again'.

The teen had forced himself on a girl and was put into prison after his parents discovered text messages where he apologized to the victim. Jack Evans, 18, had almost got away with the rape as the victim had not raised a complaint but was eventually caught by his parents. While speaking to Mirror, Jack's father, Jonathan, 47, said, "I would do the same thing again, I would have to because that is my moral standing on it, it is painful but it is right."

"You cannot get on with your life if you live your life under a lie, as much as this hurts it is the right thing to do," Jonathan added. Two months after the rape had taken place, Evans had apologized to the victim via text messages. Jonathan and Evans' stepmother Sarah Morris saw the message and told him that he had to tell the police. The shocked parents then marched their son to the police station where he was made to tell the officers his name and what he had done. 

The authorities then tracked down his victim who narrated what had happened. The victim had been a virgin and revealed that she was left feeling very 'worthless' with her trust in men gone. 

While outside the Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court, in the United Kingdom, Jonathan shared, "I wanted him to tell the truth, he had to do the right thing and admit his guilt. It's been difficult for all of us and it's caused quite a few arguments."

"I’ve said to him that the best thing for him is to show everyone that you’re doing your best to rectify what has happened. It has been a shock to the system for him - I’m hoping being in prison will give him time to reflect," Jonathan added. 

The court was told that Evans's victim had told him to stop at the last minute, but he had not listened and had continued with the attack that had occurred in January last year. At the time of the attack, Evans had been a top grade student who was studying maths, computing, and history in college. According to Daily Mail, prosecutor Claire Pickthall shared, "She didn't make a complaint but two months later Evans and his stepmother turned up at a police station to say what had happened."

Evans was sentenced to prison for around two years and was also ordered to register as a sex offender. Gareth Williams who is defending had asked for the sentence to be suspended due to the 'exceptional circumstances'. He shared, "It is extremely rare for anyone to admit to such a serious offense without there being a complaint."  But Judge Tracey Lloyd-Clarke said Evans had to be locked up. She told him: 'Two months after the rape you apologized to your victim and said you understood why she was upset." She also said that had it not been for the teen's dad, he wouldn't have confessed. 

He was sent to a Young Offenders' Institute for two years after being given a discount for his age and his guilty plea. Evans is currently in Parc Young Offenders' Institution in Bridgend, which is in HMP Parc, Wales.

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