Father who killed two-month-old daughter had threatened to 'chop the girl up and put her in a curry'

Father who killed two-month-old daughter had threatened to 'chop the girl up and put her in a curry'

A man from Tasmania allegedly killed his two-month-old daughter after threatening to chop her up and put her in a curry, a coroner's report stated.

The man, identified as Gaurav Endlay from Launceston, broke multiple bones in baby Charlotte's body before she was found unresponsive at the home he shared with her mother Rongrong Lu, according to Coroner Olivia McTaggart.

Endlay placed Charlotte in bed on February 21, 2016, and eventually "caused her to stop breathing," according to an inquest into the baby's death. Charlotte reportedly died four days later at the Royal Hobart Hospital.

The father was initially charged over her death, however, the charges were later dropped as he denied being involved in the two-month-old's death. 

The coroner, during the inquest, said that Charlotte had multiple rib fractures and a broken collarbone at the time she went into a cardiac arrest.

"I cannot determine exactly how and when Mr Endlay caused those fractures to Charlotte, although in some manner… he exerted pressures upon her rib cage," the coroner's report said. 


"By an act that is unknown with the evidence, [Endlay] caused Charlotte to stop breathing and proceed into cardiac arrest," McTaggart concluded.

She also added that Charlotte had been deprived of oxygen, which caused severe brain injury and eventual death.

The inquest also heard that Endlay was furious with his wife, Rongrong Lu, for giving birth to a girl, an had also abused Lu, who could not adequately protect the baby, according to the coroner's report.

"[Ms Lu] stated that Mr Endlay said that Charlotte was like a chicken and that he wanted to cut her into pieces to make an Indian curry," the coroner's report read, according to the Daily Mail.

The inquest was told that Lu claimed Endlay told her that he wanted to kill the baby girl and try to have another one.

Lu also claimed that she had witnessed Endlay shaking Charlotte on multiple occasions, causing he head to flop and he often prohibited Lu from feeding their daughter or even changing her nappy. 


Endlay, however, had denied the allegations, instead claiming that his wife had caused multiple fractures to the baby by burping her for a long time, the inquest heard, according to Examiner.

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