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Father who 'breastfed' his newborn baby girl as mother battled for her life in ICU after delivery says it was a "huge honor"

Stepping into the shoes of a mother, Maxamillian Neubauer did not hesitate to breastfeed his child when his wife could not
UPDATED MAR 30, 2020
(Source:Getty Images)
(Source:Getty Images)

Maxamillian Neubauer and his wife April were excited to welcome their child but their joy was shortlived as the doctors informed the couple that April was at the risk of having eclampsia — a condition in which convulsions occur in a pregnant woman suffering from high blood pressure, often followed by coma and posing a threat to the health of mother and baby.

At first, April was sent to have a non-stress test and, after the results came out, she started having her first contractions. However, April could not feel any of it. Maxamillian recalled that April started feeling her contractions after the doctor came in to break her water. Just when they thought things were going to be alright, April had her first seizure.

The feeling was overwhelming for Maxamillian. "I felt so helpless and scared for both her and our baby girl," he wrote on Metro. The doctors and nurses immediately responded and, after diagnosis, they realized that April had the chances of going into a coma if proper action was not taken. They rushed to inform Maxamillian and April's mother that she had gone "from pre-eclampsia and having high blood pressure to eclampsia".

The doctors further informed them that she was at the risk of going into a coma and it was important for them to perform an emergency C-section. Without wasting a second, the nurses prepared April for the surgery. Even Maxamillian was allowed to go inside the operation theatre but, unfortunately, April suffered another seizure and the doctors asked him to wait outside. 

Maxamillian noted that, in some of the cases of eclampsia, mother and/or child do not survive. "The uncertainty of whether one or both of my girls were going to pull through weighed heavy on my heart and mind," he wrote. However, his worries were put to rest after one of the nurses walked towards him holding their beautiful daughter. The couple named her Rosalia. "I couldn’t contain my happiness and joy, but I was also terrified when I didn’t see my wife," he wrote. 

While the nurse assured him that his wife was completely fine and recovering, breastfeeding and immediate skin-to-skin contact is an important step in the birthing process. "Since my wife was in ICU, and we didn’t know what was going to happen with her and when she would wake up, the nurse asked me how I preferred Rosalia to be fed because she needed to eat right away," he added.

Without giving it much thought, Maximillian decided to feed his daughter himself. "Never in a million years did I think I would be in this position, so, it was a little awkward at first but I was just so happy to be there for our daughter in a time of need and carry out my wife’s wishes for our birthing plan," he wrote. "I would do anything for my wife and daughter, no questions asked, and breastfeeding felt like the natural thing to do."

Hours later, April woke up and saw their beautiful daughter. Even though April was a bit sad about not being there for their daughter like every other mother, she was happy to see that her husband could step into her role when it was needed.