Farrah Abraham's father falsely accused of attacking Kailyn Lowry over her private parts

Kailyn Lowry was slammed by Farrah Abraham's dad and she decided to clap back at his comments but the story is much bigger than she thought.

                            Farrah Abraham's father falsely accused of attacking Kailyn Lowry over her private parts
Farrah Abraham (L) and Kailyn Lowry (R) (Source: Getty Images)

Kailyn Lowry is a proud mother of two but when people decide to comment on her body she is not someone who will sit back and let the haters speak. Recently, Farrah Abraham was in the news for live streaming her vaginal rejuvenation procedure. Kailyn Lowry also was among those who slammed the former Teen Mom star for her parenting techniques. That's when  Farrah's father, Michael Abraham seemed to have his own suggestion for Teen Mom, Kailyn Lowry. 

It so happens that Michael tweeted at Kailyn suggesting that she should probably give vaginal rejuvenation a thought considering that she has given birth to two kids, Lincoln Marshall Marroquin and Isaac Elliot Rivera. He also added she could contact Farrah for a treatment, so she didn’t have to keep “tucking in those beef flaps.” At this point, Kailyn decided to comment directly towards the remark that was directed towards her. 

Trying to keep it as plain and simple as possible, Kailyn wrote, "With all due respect, kiss my a**" At first, people were surprised and shocked to see Farrah's dad leaving such a horrible tweet. Many people start slamming him for his tweet. However, as it turns out, it wasn't her dad, after all. 

Replying to the comment section of Kailyn's tweet, Michael came forward and tried to clarify that the tweet she had been referring to was made by a parody account and it wasn't something that she had said. Michael apologized to Kailyn for the hurt she experienced following the tweet. 

"I'm sorry but there is a parody account out there saying things I would never say. Look very close my account is ekimabraham," he noted. Even though some of them were open to the idea of how this comment was made by a fake account, others were finding it hard to understand how someone could be rude towards someone else. Despite this, it does not look like Kailyn is letting anything bring her down. 

This comes days after Kailyn slammed Farrah for letting her daughter in the room where she was getting butt injections.  "Yet I'm mom shamed for being on vacation when my kids are with their dads. What kind of s— ," she wrote with regards to the video.