Former 'Teen Mom OG' star Farrah Abraham slammed for letting daughter Sophia wear a crop top

Farrah Abraham gets slammed again for her parenting skills and this time, for her choice of clothes for her daughter as well.

                            Former 'Teen Mom OG' star Farrah Abraham slammed for letting daughter Sophia wear a crop top
Farrah Abraham (Source:Getty Images)

Farrah Abraham has been receiving major backlash over her parenting skills and this time, the former 'Teen Mom OG' star, has come under the radar for letting her nine-year-old wear a crop top. She took to Instagram to share a picture of them (her and Sophia's) from the sets of TMZ office, which she captioned: "Big shout out to @tmz_tvtoday showing love to Blue #RIP Great time with @sophialabraham cheering her up." While Farrah was wearing an orange bodycon dress, Sophia wore denim shorts and a brown crop top.

Looking at comments that followed on the post, it appeared as if netizens didn't approve of nine-year-olds clothing as they thought it was not age-appropriate.

One of the users commented: "Our children are a product of us. Farrah should be ashamed of herself and blame herself for Blue, dying. I hope she doesn't bring another living thing in that home. Sophia will do the same thing every time she gets in a tissy fit," while another questioned, "why does Sophia have a crop top on instead of a regular tank top?"

Others reflected on some of the past instances where Sophia seemed to not dress according to her age. 

"Wearing crop tops, wearing makeup, showing her butt on camera... next thing you know, boom! 13 and pregnant," read a comment. Some users even voiced that Sophia might need rescuing: "I hope and pray someone takes this child from you. You are a horrible excuse for a mother. If someone doesn’t intervene soon, you're going to completely screw up her future. Why has cops not gotten involved?"

A few people thought that fame might be the reason Sophia loves to dress the way she does. "There ain’t no way in hell my 8/9-year-old would be wearing that top with nothing under it. Props for being so rich and successful so young Farrah, but let your kid be a kid. Not a teenager at the young age of 9," wrote one Instagram user. 

While another noted, "Look at the tramp she is training her daughter well Sophia will end up on a teen mom show of her own watch like mother like daughter." There were a few users, who said that it is Farrah's decision to choose how to raise her daughter: "First of all, there's a HUGE difference between a two-piece bathing suit which from my understanding is for pool area only not to walk publicly to events. Secondly, a crop top in my eyes is inappropriate for a child at any age unless my child is out of my house for good... But that's my personal opinion so if people allow to dress like that then that's on them they will soon or later learn why others think or provided their concern," read one comment.

Another showed love for the picture by simply writing "Queen" long with a heart emoji.