Farrah Abraham accused of photoshopping her butt in her July 4 post on social media

On July 4, Farrah Abraham took to social media in order to post an inspirational message for her fans and followers but got accused of photoshopping her picture in return

                            Farrah Abraham accused of photoshopping her butt in her July 4 post on social media
Farrah Abraham (Source:Getty Images)

Farrah Abraham can run and even hide, but she seems to be controversy's favorite child. Trouble just follows her everywhere. The former 'Teen Mom OG' star has been accused of photoshopping her butt in her latest Instagram post which she shared with her followers on Independence Day.

On July 4, Abraham took to social media in order to post an inspirational message for her fans and followers. She accompanied the post with a picture of herself smiling in a pair of short shorts which almost pushed her entire behind out. Although the picture was incredibly sizzling, something definitely seemed off about her derriere in those shorts.

Quite a lot of fans pointed out that the color and shape of her behind definitely stood out but in a very different way. When no logical explanation could be reached, fans started speculating about the probable causes and accused the reality star of photoshopping her butt in order to make it look more flattering.

“Looks like photoshop gone bad,” one follower commented on the pic, while another asked, “What’s wrong with her booty on the bottom is it just the picture?” Then a third person commented on the post suggesting, “it’s probably from her butt implants being too big for her body. Cause it sure as hell doesn’t match her thighs.”

A lot of her followers even gave her flak for twisting the meaning of the July 4 holiday with her photoshopped butt picture. An angry follower commented, “FYI Independence Day is not about your so-called ‘survivor journey’, whatever that is 😒. Its about the United States of America declaring their INDEPENDENCE from the British. I hate when Americans don’t know their own history 😑,” while another Instagram user added, “Not sure you fully understand the meaning of 4th of July. Independence not independent 🤔.”

Although Abraham did mean well with her inspirational message, it did not take long for her well wishes to turn into disses against her, but maybe that's the price one pays for constantly being in the public eye. And Abraham has always been good at making enemies out of people than friends, as we've recently seen with regards to her relationship with former 'Mob Wives' star Drita D’Avanzo.

Drita D'Avanzo attends the grand opening of the 40/40 Club at Barclays Center on September 27, 2012 in the Brooklyn borough of New York City. (Photo by Allison Joyce/Getty Images)

The feud between Abraham and D’Avanzo commenced when the former 'Teen Mom' star posted a video from Scores in Atlantic City, where she was co-hosting the strip club’s grand opening with the former 'Mob Wives' star. Abraham started her Instagram video by saying, “I had to make a video right now because…I normally don’t do joint appearances because, to be honest…I am done with other quote on quote reality people. I feel like there either hung up on drugs, drinking, f****d up, unprofessional just f*****g nasty pieces of s**t on earth.”

 Abraham also said in the video with reference to D’Avanzo, “You have someone show up and, like, talk to the owner [of a restaurant they both dined in before the appearance] about how you couldn’t send her freaking money… at my dinner table because she didn’t want to eat together, but then she can’t even do the photos for the club, she can’t meet anymore, she can’t talk to anyone, then she just disappears!”

Calling her co-host a somewhat lazy "has been" later in the video, Abraham said, "I don’t even know why they even shared my night with someone who is a has-been. I’m like give me a break, it’s either you’re nice, you’re amazing, you have a good work ethic, or stay the f**k out of my way!”

Later speaking about the criticisms, D’Avanzo said,  “I’m going to slap the s–t out of that Mr. Ed-looking f–ker.” D’Avanzo clarified that before the event was scheduled to begin, she was unsure who Abraham was, but believed her to be “an unemployed porn star.” She even went on to insist that she couldn't care less if Abraham was a hooker, but she did wonder aloud whether Abraham might have been disquieted because “nobody paid [Abraham] no mind,” while the Staten Island native got requested for pictures by fans galore at the event.

Reality TV actress Drita D'Avanzo walks the runway at the Reality of FASHION the Reality of AIDS fall 2013 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week at the Altman Building on February 9, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images)

Regardless, D’Avanzo said, “She f–ked with the wrong person,” adding that she cannot attack people because of an arrest back in 2016 where it was alleged that she had beat up one of her neighbors (although she was cleared of the charges later). However, the reality star said “I’m going to smack the f–k out of her,” finally assessing, “What she needs a good old-fashioned smacking.”

Even 'Teen Mom' star Kailyn Lowry decided to give her two cents on the heated social media war between Abraham and D’Avanzo. She took to Twitter to respond to a user who said that "Someone needs to slap the sh** out of Farrah". Lowry, who played it safe, hinted that even if someone did, it wouldn't be her. 

Lowry is keeping quiet now but she hasn't earlier when it comes to Abraham. She always has something to say to or about Abraham. In April this year, people were criticizing Abraham for posting a video of her getting butt injections with her 9-year-old daughter Sophia in the room. To this Kailyn's response seemed a subtle dig at the Teen Mom star as she wrote in a now-deleted tweet: "Yet I'm mom shamed for being on vacation when my kids are with their dads.What kind of s—t ."