Did Farrah Abraham actually stage her own wardrobe malfunction at Cannes? New video footage might prove she did

Did Farrah Abraham actually stage her own wardrobe malfunction at Cannes? New video footage might prove she did
Farrah Abraham (Source:Getty Images)

Farrah Abraham is no stranger to controversies, and the 'Teen Mom OG' star is the gift that keeps on giving for hungry media wolves. Last week the reality star was caught in an embarrassing position when her gorgeous golden gown at Cannes ended in her having a wardrobe malfunction. Or so we thought.

As per new reports, the adult entertainment star might just have staged her own wardrobe malfunction, where she flashed her vagina to unsuspecting photographers on the red carpet.

In a video obtained by The Blast, it can be seen that the TV star is sitting on the front row of a fashion show, and not the rep carpet and motioning a photographer in the audience. The same clip then goes on to show Abraham moving another woman out of the way, so the photographer has a better angle.

"Would you mind standing back here?" she asked while moving the woman.

When the photographer does not get a desirable shot of the reality TV star at the first try, she again stands up for him and poses, all the while walking down the runway like a model and moving her skirt to expose herself, before sitting back down on her seat. The video clip even captures a few girls laughing at Abraham's stunt, who were standing in the audience while Abraham was subtly showing off her private parts to the paparazzi.

It was earlier reported that Abraham had suffered from a wardrobe malfunction, owing to the semi-sheer gown she had donned that had a dangerously high slit in it. Moreover, the brunette beauty was not wearing any underwear on the red carpet, which was also an intentional move on her part. Abraham settled her long-running lawsuit against Viacom last month and it was reported that "both parties reached an amicable agreement".

She also came forward and revealed that she was "really happy" with the way things ended. The former Teen Mom star had sued the network for $5 million for "wrongful termination of employment" after the producers of the show had fired her. Abraham was fired from Teen Mom after she announced that she was going to become an adult entertainment actress. The whole thing was caught on camera and the situation was pretty messy.

In 2013, she starred in a sex tape, has appeared in a few adult webcam shows and also goes to strip clubs frequently. Abraham came under fire previously for involving her 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, in what she thought was a mother-daughter activity but wasn't actually something you take your child to. 

The adult entertainment star posted a video on Instagram of her getting butt injections. This is all well and good for someone like Abraham but what set the public off was that her daughter was standing in the back of the room and taking a video of the procedure.

The star called her procedure a "body secret" and she even captioned the video: "ALERT!@flawlessvegas gets you the summer ready booty you have always wanted! Watch live now! I've enjoyed this no pain, quick & lasta two years..."

And although the reality star seems okay with having her young daughter watch her mother get butt injections, Abraham has previously taken shots at parents for their flawed values when it comes to parenting. A few months ago, the reality tv star had slammed parents who let their children accompany them to the famous music festival of coachella, saying that the environment at the festival is ‘unsafe’ for kids.

“I just have to say, I’m sorry, the inner-mom and the critical parent in me is like, I’m at the Coachella festival and I have to say, when I see a newborn, I honestly don’t think it’s a safe place for children,” the reality TV personality explained. The star continued to speak about her reasons for asking parents to not bring their kids to the festival. “It’s so serene and beautiful here beyond the festival, but I don’t think that Coachella, with drugs and psychedelic s—t, is safe for a kid to be around,” Abraham continued.

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