'Fargo' Season 4 Finale: Fans ask for a Mike Milligan spin-off that would be an office drama, would you watch?

'Fargo' season 4 finale has fans hoping for a spin-off that centers on Mike Milligan, especially after all the theories that have cropped up about Satchel becoming Mike Milligan

                            'Fargo' Season 4 Finale: Fans ask for a Mike Milligan spin-off that would be an office drama, would you watch?
Satchel and Loy Cannon in 'Fargo' season 4 (FX)

With Satchel returning safely to his family in 'Fargo' season 4 finale, the attention that fans have given to the character has only increased. Especially the connection that audiences had drawn with Satchel and Mike Milligan to Rabbi Milligan. Many had speculated that Satchel would end up going to New York City to make a life for himself and borrow the name Mike, but instead, we saw Satchel arrive back home at Kansas City with his dog. When Loy returned to his home to find the door open, as if someone had broken inside the house, his first thought was that someone had come to attack him. 

However, his surprise at seeing Satchel curled up in his bed with a dog guarding him breaks Loy apart. He is first taken over by shock at having found his son he believed to be dead; he then calls his wife, who is equally shocked to find that her son had not died after all. So at this point, as we see Satchel's story come full circle, we want to know what happened after Satchel lost his father and if he did grow up to borrow Mike's name or if he has no connection to the fan-favorite character. Turns out, audiences want a piece of this pie too. 

One fan on Reddit said, "I would love a season with Mike trying to escape office life." To this, one fan responded how they would love a spin-off despite knowing that this may never shape up and said, "Same. So far they’ve gone 2006, 1979, 2010, 1950. They seem to be widening the gap between stories with each season, so I’d expect the next season to go farther forward than 2010 if they make another. But honestly, as much I think a spin-off will never happen, having a show with Mike Milligan as the main character would be incredible."

One fan put together a timeline of all the 'Fargo' seasons so far and wrote, "There are some missing events between 1979 and 1986 that I can't figure out. At the end of S2, KC (Kansas City) has control of Fargo. Hanzee said he was going to destroy KC. Mike gets the desk job in KC, and then somehow Hanzee/Moses Tripoli becomes head of Fargo (who then gets killed by Malvo). Did Hanzee join forces with them instead of destroying them? How'd he get to be head of Fargo? Mike and Moses Tripoli could've mixed it up in those years."

This was a result of discussing the missing years and what Mike could have been up to in that period of time. 

Another fan said, "A Mike Milligan spinoff would be amazing. I wonder what the title would be?" Another fan noted, "I’d love to see a season in the 80s that connects Mike Milligan and Mr. Wrench’s stories more. And connects all 5 seasons perfectly." 

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