'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 11: We called it! Zelmare avenged Swanee's death by sticking a knife into Loy

We had guessed Loy's ending just right as Episode 11 saw Zelmare arrive at Loy's doorstep and stab him to avenge the death of her lover Swanee

                            'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 11: We called it! Zelmare avenged Swanee's death by sticking a knife into Loy
Loy Cannon in 'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 11 (FX)

In 'Fargo' season 4, episode 8 we had seen how Loy Cannon had not kept his word to Zelmare and Swanee about protecting them and had instead revealed their whereabouts to Deaky through Odis. To ensure that neither Zelmare nor Swanee are caught by the cops, Loy instructs Odis to take care of the lovers; however, Odis failed at the same. Instead of taking care of Zelmare and Swanee, he shoots Deafy and Swanee -- killing them both on the spot. This leaves Zelmare in a fit of rage and all that she can see at the moment is revenge. 

In 'Fargo' season 4 episode titled 'Storia Americana', which also happens to be the show's finale episode, we see how Zelmare had arrived right on time to take care of Loy Cannon. With Ethelrida Smutny's help, Loy was able to stop the war between the Cannons and the Faddas. He used Donatello's ring to involve New York in his plans to take over Kansas City while also taking care of the biggest threat he has in the city -- Josto Fadda. However, what he did not expect was to see the Italian mob not respect the word that they gave him and instead leave him with half the businesses that Cannon had originally owned. 

Cannon had managed to neutralize the threat within his community and also managed to pull Josto Fadda down. However, he hadn't paid attention to the other aspects of his life that had earned him some grave enemies and one such enemy happens to be Zelmerida. Ethelrida's aunt had sneaked up on Loy Cannon and what she is seen holding in her hands is not a gun really but a knife. Even as Loy's eldest son is enjoying playing his saxophone, Loy is struck by Zelmare and he fold unto himself, the only who seems to notice that something about this situation is strange, is Satchel who has finally managed to return to his father's home with the dog that he had rescued. 

It is Zelmare's idea that she should take Cannon's life when he has the most to lose. However, is that what really happened? Cannon had lost half his business, his son seemed more like a stranger than the neighborhood kid and all that Cannon could comprehend was that none of it would have been useful for him at that moment. It is also ironic that Loy's end is met because he was not able to keep his word and a parallel of the same is drawn when we see him getting ill-treated by the Italians once they take the case of Josto and Gaetano. What Loy had assumed when he had invited New York over was the war will be resolved, instead, another man doesn't keep his words and possibly for the first time in the show, there is empathy,

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