'Extraordinary Attorney Woo': Fans want to 'save' Kang Tae-oh from military enlistment after hit K-drama ends

'Extraordinary Attorney Woo': Fans want to 'save' Kang Tae-oh from military enlistment after hit K-drama ends
Knetz joke as they join hands to help 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo's Kang Tae-oh skip his mandatory military enlistment (@enadrama.ch, @kto940620/Instagram)

Over the last few weeks, the ongoing ENA and Netflix K-drama 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' has been seeing a rise in its ratings. From the start of the show, new fans of the K-drama have been drooling over the main lead, Lee Jun-ho played by actor Kang Tae-oh. Fans have been gushing about how their love for the character played by Tae-oh as they talk about his 'golden retriever boy' character as Jun-ho who has a one-sided crush on Attorney Woo Young-woo played by Park Eun-bin.

Now as the relationship between Young-woo and Jun-ho has slowly started to develop with the show's episodes 7 and 8 which aired this week, fans have been paying a lot more attention to the main lead. It had been reported that Kang Tae-oh had announced that 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' would be the last K-drama he would be filming for a while before his temporary hiatus. The actor is all set to start his mandatory military enlistment in the months to come and it seems that fans have been trying to find ways to keep their favorite actor from going on a hiatus at the peak of his career.


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Fans join hands to 'save' Kang Tae-oh

Over the last few years, Kang Tae-oh has been seen in popular K-dramas like 'The Tale of Nokdu', 'Run On', 'Doom At Your Service', and many others. But all these dramas saw him play a supporting character. With 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' being his first big-scale show as the main lead, the actor is being recognized by Korean drama fans. According to a WikiTree report, it looks like fans are leaving no stone unturned to help the actor avoid military enlistment.

A fan made a public post stating that they were looking for "600 people to join the military instead of Kang Tae-oh" to keep him from going on a temporary hiatus due to his mandatory enlistment. The post that was made on the online portal had the OP (Original Poster) stating that if one fan would join the military for one day, a total of 600 fans would be able to complete Kang Tae-oh's mandatory military service in his stead. Some Knetz started responding to the post with their own suggestions as one fan said, "After watching episode 7, I guess I'll have to go, too."

WikiTree posted comments from the viral post about a fan asking 600 fans to help Kang Tae-oh skip his military enlistment (WikiTree)
WikiTree posted comments from the viral post about a fan asking 600 fans to help Kang Tae-oh skip his military enlistment (WikiTree)

Another fan said, "I'll try to fill it in a month" One more fan said, "I'm going to go one day, so please shoot for Woo Young-woo's season 2." One fan said, "I've accumulated annual leave. It will be 4 nights and 5 days for me," causing a laugh riot online. Although the post was made as a joke, many fans seem enamored by the idea, saying they would go to the military for a day instead of Kang Tae-oh.


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'Why must you remind me of it?'

On the other hand, Kang Tae-oh recently attended the wrap-up party of the K-drama. 'Extraordinary Attorney Woo' before his enlistment that has fans sharing their regret about finding out about the actor only now. One fan said, "WHAT he is enlisting?!! why did I get to know him only now?" One fan asked, "Do you really have to write that e word there?" One more fan said, "He just got a lot of reputation now but." Another fan said, "I hate you. why must u remind me of it?"

A fan said, "Thinking about — probably this will be the last character of kang tae oh that he will portray before his military enlistment." One more fan said, "Extraordinary attorney woo being kang taeoh’s last project before enlistment is seriously my biggest wtf moment this month." One fan said, "May kang taeoh return from his enlistment looking 785432x MORE handsome & rugged than he already is, aameen." Another fan said, "Not a knetz asking if there’s 2 ppl willing to sub kang taeoh and dohyun for enlistment."









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