Ant McPartlin is seen for the first time after getting out of rehab but fans urge him to take time to recover

Ant McPartlin is seen for the first time after getting out of rehab but fans urge him to take time to recover
Ant McParlin (Source: Getty Images)

On Sunday (April 29) Ant McPartlin left rehab and looked a lot happier and healthier following his DUI arrest. Even though the actor decided to take a break from the world of entertainment, his fans believe that he should continue to do that until he feels he is ready to come back to the television screen. 

"I don't care if Ant is in rehab or continues his treatment at home as long as he takes his time and gets better," one Twitter user wrote. While another wrote "Ant is finally out of rehab!! Now all he needs is support so he can get back on that stage." Another noted that the media should give Ant the time he needs in order to get his life back on track.

"Why don’t you give him a bit of privacy and let him recover on his own away from your cameras, stop hounding him," read another comment made by a Twitter user. Another wrote, "Not said anything about it up until now but yeah Ant was in the wrong for doing what he did but how the hell is he supposed to recover and become well again if the media are following him and documenting his every move 24/7? Leave him alone."


Ant was asked to pay a fine (Photo by Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images,)

Many fans were quick to comment about Ant leaving rehab did not mean that he was done with his treatment. Many fans pointed out that Ant still had to attend the sessions for the treatment and even if he was out of rehab, it did not mean he was completely better. 

Meanwhile, there were others who were happy to see that the actor was getting back to his normal life and finally looked happy. "Ant McPartlin is so adorable and deserves so much happiness," one fan noted. This comes after Ant pleaded guilty in the court and stated that he was 'ashamed and mortified' by a three-car crash that left a four-year-old girl in the hospital, as per the Mirror

The 'Saturday Night Takeaway' host was found to be twice the legal limit when his car crashed with another on March 18. After pleading guilty, the court declared that he had to pay a fine of £86,000 and has been banned from driving for 20 months. 

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