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'MAFS' Season 15: Fans slam Stacia for wanting to call off her marriage to Nate, claim she 'is afraid to be happy'

When the show resumes, it is revealed that Stacia and Nate have split up because of their inability to effectively communicate with one another
UPDATED NOV 17, 2022
Stacia in 'MAFS' Season 15 episode 20 (Lifetime)
Stacia in 'MAFS' Season 15 episode 20 (Lifetime)

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA: Stacia Karcher from 'Married at First Sight' admits she requested Nate Barnes for a divorce after the season wrapped. Most 'MAFS' viewers on social media criticized Stacia for not working hard enough to save her marriage.

Nate and Stacia gave fans some of the hottest 'Married at First Sight' moments yet. However, the season 15 'Where Are They Now?' special indicates that the lovebirds are suffering — and on the edge of a breakup. "I asked Nate for a separation... Well, a divorce, I guess," Stacia tells her mother, Stacy, in the Wednesday, November 16, episode. Her mother is perplexed. "Which one? Is it a separation, [meaning] ‘let’s see if we can work on it’? Or is it divorce, [meaning] ‘I’m done’?" She inquires.


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Stacia and Stacy in 'MAFS' Season 15 episode 20 (Lifetime)
Stacia and Stacy in 'MAFS' Season 15 episode 20 (Lifetime)

Stacia is unable to provide a direct response. "I don’t know," she says. "I came into the experience wanting to move at a faster pace and be OK with that. Like, I don’t think anybody should’ve came into this process like, 'Oh yeah, I want to get married to this stranger but I wanna move slow now.’ I’m like, ‘OK, so why did we get married then?'”

'Married at First Sight' Season 15 saw the couple struggle. Even though their sexual chemistry was off the charts, Nate was apprehensive about moving in together and didn't have the same timetable for children. Stacia expressed a desire for a family as soon as possible, while Nate desired to strengthen their "emotional connection." In the 'MAFS' reunion special, they revealed that they were commuting between his and her homes every few weeks, which Nate said was "healthier" for them.

Stacia's mother goes on to remind the businesswoman that she is special in the November 16 episode. "You have to realize your pace is a lot different than normal paces," Stacy explains. "You know what you want, and you’ll go after it, and a lot of people aren’t there."

The newlywed thinks if she should look for someone who is as fast as she is. "Do I stay with somebody who’s not there and be anchored down?" she inquires.
Her mother reminds her that it all comes down to perception. "You can interpret it as 'anchored down,' or 'do I want to stay with this person and help develop this relationship?'" Stacy elaborates.

"But I did everything to try and make it comfortable for him," the bride explains. "Like, after Decision Day, I moved all my stuff into his studio. So we did that for a little while until he told me to leave because he needed space, just under two weeks ago. And I haven’t seen him since ."

Nate, she claims, is aware of her dissatisfaction but does nothing to change his actions. "There’s no change that has happened for me to be fulfilled because [Nate is] still closed," she adds.

"So what would you say if I told you Nate called me?" her mother inquires.

Nate and Stacia get together to attempt to figure things out as they discuss the subject with various individuals in their life, and there is tension as Nate comes over to her place for a painting session. She claims he isn't committed, but he claims his presence in the house is proof of his dedication. The squabbling ultimately fades as they focus on refining their approach to conversations. The couple appears to be entirely reconciled at the conclusion of the episode, but it appears like it will be a gradual process.

Fans were quick to hop on social media to call out Stacia, "Every time nate says his feelings is hurt Stacia starts off with excuses instead of apologizing and gaining understanding." While praising Nate, a fan wote, "Nate is very self aware and emotionally intelligent. He surpasses Stacia in that area." Blaming Stacia for their marriage, another fan tweeted, "Everything tells me that Stacia is the problem in this marriage." Calling Stacia 'pushy' a fan added, "I swear Stacia is afraid to be happy she would rather push Nate away. It's so weird. They seem like a great fit if she weren't so pushy. Let him take his time."





On the other hand, a fan tried to empathize with Stacia, as they write, "Stacia is helping me understand why a lot of men do not share their feelings. This is a battle nate cannot win. And he's very open and honest with Stacia even if he isn't all the way were she'd like him to be." But Stacia haters, described her as, "When Stacia doesn’t get her way, she completely “shuts down”. But she can’t seem to sync that feeling when Nate “shuts down”. Does “self-righteous” correctly describe her??" Putting all of the blame on Stacia, a fan tweeted, "Stacia…Nate is telling you he still wants this marriage to work and work at a pace that works for him, and you’re saying he’s living in the moment and not planning for the future. This is all on you Stacia." One fan tried to side with both individuals, as they write, "Kind of see both sides on Nate-Stacia.She’s 37, established in her career, has a house & is ready for babies.Nate is 34 & wants to move at his own pace.I like them as a couple so I hope they figure it out."





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