Fans blame 'Game of Thrones' creators for destroying Daenerys Targaryen's character for shock value

Fans blame 'Game of Thrones' creators for destroying Daenerys Targaryen's character for shock value


Everyone's favorite, the Mother of Dragons and the Breaker of Chains, Daenerys Targaryen turned into an antagonist in the latest episode of 'Game of Thrones'. She unleashed her fire breathing Drogon on the city that had already surrendered and was on its knees, burning literally everything and anything in her path.

From the looks of it though, it wasn't premeditated. As soon as Dany sets her eyes on the Red Keep, watching Cersei's  hideaway in the very walls that her family built hundreds of years ago, it seems as though she is reminded of all that was taken away from her as a baby. Robert Baratheon overthrowing the Targaryens had forced them to flee and as she sat there on her dragon, she was overcome with fury. The results, of course, were terrifying. 

A still of Daenerys Targaryen in 'Game of Thrones'. (Source: HBO)

Dany had, since the very beginning, gone from place to place freeing slaves and inspiring many and this turn of events in season 8 definitely shocked many as their Mhysa no longer remained. However, if you've been following Dany's journey since the beginning of 'Thrones, you really shouldn't be surprised. Right from the time she watched her brother Viserion turn into a golden helmet to the time when she was pushed over the edge by Missandei's beheading, Dany's had that mad factor in her all along. 

Twitter, however, is mad at the makers of the show for ruining a character arc just so they could finish their story. "I am so sorry for what they did to you #gameofthrones," one fan wrote while another said, "Dany, honey, I'm sorry the show did you dirty. I'll be rooting for you in the books now. Dracarys." A third fan wrote, "Dany will be the character with the saddest life ever. She didn’t had a childhood and she will end up being killed by the man she loves. I’m having a mental breakdown."


Fans were, however, quick to point out Emilia Clarke's, the actor who plays Dany, performance. "You know I actually envy the people who hated Dany from the beginning because now they don't have to witness their favorite characters being butchered for shock value. Shout out to Emilia Clarke though. The MVP of S8. Incredible performances this season," one fan wrote. "Emilia had to do all of these with absolute nothing, atop a green robot surrounded by green screens and her imagination," another said. "Seems like the dragon fire also destroyed all the scripts, character motivations and logic," a third fan wrote totally encompassing the feelings of the fandom this week.

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