'Avatar: The Way of Water': Fans predict sequel will be 'biggest movie of the year'

The 'Avatar 2' trailer dropped recently and fans are ecstatic about the sequel that will be released 12 years after the first film

                            'Avatar: The Way of Water': Fans predict sequel will be 'biggest movie of the year'
Still from 'Avatar: The Way of Water' (IMDb)

After years of delays, director James Cameron appears to be on the verge of completing his long-awaited sequel to 'Avatar.' It has been 12 years since James Cameron's fantasy epic was first released. Now, 'Avatar' fans are finally seeing footage from the upcoming sequel.

The trailer starts off with the Na'vi and a feral-looking human wearing a breathing mask running through the trees.  On a flying Ikran, Jake Sully (Sam Worthington) glides above the lake towards a mangrove-like hamlet, his hair done up in dreadlocks. Another scene shows a Na'vi girl swimming with a huge whale-like creature underwater in the trailer. The title of the movie will be 'Avatar: The Way of Water,' and it will be released with Marvel's 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness,' which will cast a spell on spectators on May 6th.


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Here's what fans have to say about the trailer for 'Avatar 2'. One fan posted a Lady Gaga meme with the caption "The #avatar2trailer was," where the singer-actress is spouting words like "brilliant, incredible, amazing". Another tweet read: "We love the round of applause that was given after the Avatar 2 teaser played during multiverse of madness. I’ve never been more excited to see a film! And I’m glad everyone agrees! #avatar2trailer #MultiversOfMadness"



One fan tweeted, "I got to see the first #avatar2trailer in @IMAX
3D before seeing #DoctorStrange and it was absolutely beutiful and nostalgic!! The 3D is breathtaking! #AvatarTheWayOfWater will be the bigest movie of the year!! No doubt!! @officialavatar" 

Another fan shared, "Avatar 2 certainly looks like a movie. Trailer was exactly what I was expecting with some gorgeous shots but honestly not that hyped. Visuals are always Cameron’s go to and the script comes second. Hope it’s good #MultiverseOfMadness #Avatar #Avatar2"



A fan said,"When the #Avatar2 trailer screened before my showing, it unrolled in silence. When the title appeared one lone male let out a soft "boooooo" and the entire audience laughed. Not sure if we can judge the film's prospects from that, but the marketing has some work to do." Another one shared, "There is an #Avatar2 trailer before #MultiverseOfMadness and it looks just as boring as the last one. I’m sorry, but good CGI can only take a movie so far." A fan tweeted, "The #Avatar2 teaser trailer was a mix of "they still look CG" to "OMG that looks real, it might actually be real, but that has to just be CG that looks real, right?" I want to see more. #Avatar2TheWayofWater #avatar2trailer #Avatar"




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