Chris Watts 'hates' Christmas as he's reminded of holidays with late family: 'He's in a hell of his own making'

Watts killed his pregnant wife Shanann and two young daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3, in 2018

                            Chris Watts 'hates' Christmas as he's reminded of holidays with late family: 'He's in a hell of his own making'
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As the holidays are in full swing, family killer Chris Watts will not be celebrating them. Watts killed his pregnant wife Shanann Watts and two young daughters Bella, 4, and Celeste, 3 in 2018. He will be spending his Christmas and New Year in protective custody in a Wisconsin prison, a source told PEOPLE. 

The source also said that Watts is dreading the upcoming holidays. The source revealed, "He doesn't like talking about his life before prison, but he has said that he used to be a huge fan of Christmas: decorating the house, spending time with family."

"And he knows 100% that it'll never happen again, and that it's his own fault. He's in a hell of his own making," the source added. "The prison has a 'Christmas dinner,' but it's basically bland turkey and potatoes."

Christopher Watts is in court for his arraignment hearing at the Weld County Courthouse on August 21, 2018 in Greeley, Colorado. Watts faces nine charges, including several counts of first-degree murder of his wife and his two young daughters (Getty Images)

"It's not exactly the feast you'd imagine for Christmas. In a sense, that's more depressing, because it reminds the inmates that it's Christmas and that they're getting an inferior copy of the holiday," the source continued. 

Watts had murdered his wife Shanann on August 13 in 2018 when he had strangled her. He then drove her body to a job site at the oil company where he was working and buried her body there. He then proceeded to murder his two daughters Bella and Celeste. After he pleaded guilty to the murders, he received a life sentence. According to authorities, Watts had decided to commit the heinous acts as he had been having an affair with a co-worker who was under the impression he was already separated. 

We had earlier reported that a Netflix documentary titled 'American Murder: The Family Next Door' was released on September 30, 2020. It shows rarely-seen text messages and letters between Watts and his wife Shanann. A source had told PEOPLE  that the documentary brings back a lot of shame for Watts. The insider is believed to have regular contact with Watts, 35, who is currently behind bars. The source shared, "He can't see it, and he'll probably never see it. He's curious about it, but he hates even knowing that his texts are out there for the public to read. It brings back awful memories of 2018 for him."

Watts has not seen the new documentary which shows how his marriage to Shanann was falling apart though she was ready to do whatever it needed to save their failing marriage. The source shared, "There's a lot of curiosity about him in prison. He's the most high-profile inmate and what he did is incomprehensible, so everyone wants to know more about the case." 

We had also shared that the documentary also reveals the final text messages between Chris Watts and Shanann that were about grocery shopping and dinner plans on the same day of the homicide. In a series of text messages, Shanann had addressed being pregnant with the couple's third child and said, "I miss and love you so much. I am still in shock that we are having a little boy! I am so excited and happy!"

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