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‘Family Karma’: Anisha is really mean to Monica and fans try to decode why she is being so jealous

Probably Anisha's mother idolizing Monica has something to do with why Anisha is being awful to Monica
UPDATED APR 13, 2020
Anisha Ramakrishna and Monica Vaswani (Bravo)
Anisha Ramakrishna and Monica Vaswani (Bravo)

Monica Vaswani and Anisha Ramakrishna are on either end of the spectrum when it comes to their behavior, mannerisms, and even life choices. While Monica Vaswani is seen as a perfect, “desi girl”, who always plays safe, Anisha is portrayed as a rebel who makes some tough choices and doesn’t play by the rules. So, when these two girls are put in the same room, you can expect some major drama to go down.
The ‘Family Karma’ kids were seen holidaying in Key West, and at every given opportunity, Anisha kept insinuating that there was something brewing between Brian Benni and Monica, despite Monica making it clear that there was nothing between them. Anisha also judges Monica’s choice of not eating meat and consuming alcohol.

When fans saw how Anisha was behaving towards Monica, they couldn’t help but declare that Anisha was jealous of Monica. Fans began trying to unravel the reason behind Anisha’s erratic behavior towards Monica and came up with a few explanations which could help explain Anisha’s bizarre behavior towards Monica.

Most fans felt that Anisha’s mother Chitra singing praises of Monica in front of Anisha, and wishing that her daughter was a bit like Monica, could have triggered Anisha’s temperamental behavior towards Monica. A fan tweeted, “Im just going to say when anishas mom was sitting there completely idolizing Monica and sh*tting on anishas choices... then yall wonder why anisha has a chip on her shoulder towards Monica... it's not Monica's fault but it's hard being compared to the perfect girl #familykarma.”

Another fan shared, “I think their views on the traditional lifestyle may be causing the tension between Anisha & Monica? I do think there may be some jealousy somewhere but I can’t tell if it’s Monica being jealous of Anisha’s freedom or Anisha being jealous of Monica’s perfect persona. #FamilyKarma.”

“I understand Anisha — she isn’t bitter or jealous. Maybe she a bit tired of being compared to Monica and it’s neither of their faults about this. Desi girls should be uniting not hating, we got too many hateration in the Desi community to do this  #FamilyKarma,” pointed out a fan. “There’s nothing wrong with Anisha rebelling and being single and career minded and there’s nothing wrong with Monica being traditional .... can’t we all just get along??? #familykarma,” wondered a fan.

‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.