‘Family Karma’: Amrit's parents open up about how they accepted his sexuality and fans can’t stop gushing

Fans had nothing but love and appreciation for how open and accepting the couple is

                            ‘Family Karma’: Amrit's parents open up about how they accepted his sexuality and fans can’t stop gushing
Amrit, Suresh and Lavina Kapai (Tommy Garcia/Bravo)

Amrit Kapai may not be the most popular cast member of ‘Family Karma’, but his parents Suresh and Lavina Kapai are definitely two of the most adored cast members of the show. When we were first introduced to the Kapai family, Suresh and Lavina expressed how they had a hard time accepting Amrit’s sexuality.

Amrit's parents admitted that they were unhappy when Amrit declared he was gay, but over time they have learned to accept their son and his sexuality with open arms. On the latest episode of ‘Family Karma’, we see the parents expressing how proud they are of Amrit and all his accomplishments in life.

They also make it a point to explain to the reality star that they love him irrespective of his sexual orientation. When fans saw how open and welcoming Amrit’s parents were about him being gay, they couldn’t stop singing praises of them and pointing out how lucky Amrit is to have such amazing parents.

When fans heard the story of Amrit’s father’s struggle, as a first-generation immigrant to America, who came to the country with just ten dollars in his pocket, and built a life for himself in an alien country, they respected him more.
A fan tweeted, “Amrit’s parents are great. It would be great if more parents handled a gay son that well #familykarma.” Another fan wrote, “Amrit parents honestly are everything.... like no matter what they still proud of Amrit and his choices like for real.... #familykarma.” “Amrit’s parents warm my cold quarantined heart! #Adorable #FamilyKarma,” declared a fan.
Another fan expressed, “Awww to Amrit’s dad!! What a blessing that must be for Amrit for his parents to be so supportive #FamilyKarma.” “Awwhhhh I just LOVE how Amrit’s parents a) have accepted his sexuality and b) how they treat and love Nicholas like one of their own #FamilyKarma,” commented a fan.

“I Loveeeeeee how Amrit’s parents have  accepted their son regardless of everything.... it’s always soo difficult for non American/European families that are strict with cultural/religious backgrounds to accept #LoveisLove #FamilyKarma,” pointed out a fan.

‘Family Karma’ airs every Sunday at 9 pm ET/PT only on Bravo.

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