New 'Family Guy' and 'Simpsons' films are reportedly in the works

The Family Guy film adaptation will reportedly mix animation and live action elements. Meanwhile, The Simpsons is all set to hit the screens again after a decade.

                            New 'Family Guy' and 'Simpsons' films are reportedly in the works

Fox is reportedly working on new movies for two of their most iconic animated series - 'The Simpsons' and 'Family Guy'. Heading into its 17th season this fall, Seth McFarlane's 'Family Guy' is now set to follow in the footsteps of 'The Simpsons' as its beloved and peculiar characters finally transition onto the big screen. 

Interestingly, as The Wall Street Journal reports, the Family Guy film adaptation is also set to collide live-action with animation, so it'll be quite interesting to see how that will pan out. Of course, this style of production isn't exactly untouched terrain for MacFarlane, given that he brought a foul-mouthed, pot-smoking teddy bear to life in the two 'Ted' films. But wait, there's more. According to the report, a Simpsons movie sequel is also in the works (following the big success of the first 2007 film) along with a film adaptation of 'Bob's Burgers' too.

As the WSJ points out, Disney and Fox are teaming for “a big-screen adaptation of the animated series Bob’s Burgers, a second Simpsons movie in development and a Family Guy film that would mix animation with live action, said people with knowledge of the projects.” While the report doesn't include any plot details, nor confirm any cast members, it seems likely that the voice cast members from the show would return, including Seth MacFarlane (Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin, Stewie Griffin), Alex Borstein (Lois Griffin), Mila Kunis (Meg Griffin), Seth Green (Chris Griffin), Mike Henry (Cleveland Brown) and Patrick Warburton (Joe Swanson). 

Although this is clearly good news for longtime fans of the shows, there may not be much of a future for these projects if the Disney-Fox merger goes through, since the 20th Century Fox studio looks set to be significantly downsized. Current CEO Stacey Snider is expected to leave the studio when the merger is finalized, with Disney expected to distribute all 20th Century Fox movies that are either complete or in production when the merger becomes official. We'll have to wait and watch how that exactly affects future projects.

Meanwhile, Fox executives recently spoke out on the chances of The Simpsons ending any time soon. Chairmen and CEOs Dana Walden and Gary Newman have been quick to reassure audiences that the Disney merger would not put an end to the longest running prime time scripted series in history, after 'The Simpsons' recently aired its 636th episode.

“The Simpsons is so much a part of the brand, there’s been such an incredible halo effect of that show and the other animated series that are on our Sunday night,” said Walden. “There are no plans for them to go anywhere other than Fox.”

Walden added that “a couple years of episodes” for the show are already in production, meaning that the show will likely continue past its 30th season, given the long lead up to the animation process.

“Down the line, what kind of decision is made, I can’t really speak to, but for the foreseeable future, there’s so much upside and benefit to having a great, Emmy Award-winning, smart, provocative, quality show,” she said. “There’s no consideration of not ordering more Simpsons.”