'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier': Will Zemo use red book on Bucky? Reddit post confirms SHOCKING theory

A shocking leak on Reddit confirms one important aspect of 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' that might change a lot of things for Bucky

                            'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier': Will Zemo use red book on Bucky? Reddit post confirms SHOCKING theory
Daniel Bruhl and Sebastian Stan (Disney+/Marvel)

Spoilers for 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier'

‘The Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ is undoubtedly the biggest show in the world right now and it has the numbers to prove it. There have been many speculations about Baron Zemo’s (Daniel Bruhl) involvement in the show. However, it seems Zemo will bring more than just his iconic purple mask. If one theory is believed to be true, then we might get a chance to see Zemo in his full capacity. The new ‘Falcon and The Winter Soldier’ leak suggests that Zemo could bring one of his substantial assets from ‘Captain America: Civil War’ in the ongoing series. If true, then it is time for Bucky to gear up for a tough journey in the remaining episodes.

A user on Reddit posted multiple pictures of leaked Marvel Legends action figures and included in the batch of photos is an image of a Baron Zemo figure. Apart from Zemo, the pictures also included figures of US Agent and Bucky Barnes. But, it is Zemo’s figure that has started to make fans curious. Zemo’s figure comes with several additional attachments, including a golden gun and his iconic purple mask. However, it also includes an accessory that might become an integral part of the show in the future.


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The figure is accompanied by a small replica of Winter Soldier’s book from ‘Civil War’. The red book played an important role in the MCU and revealed that the particular book was used by Zemo to get into one of the Hydra facilities situated in Siberia. Apart from that, it also contains the trigger words or the code that Hydra programmed into Bucky and turned him into a killing machine.

Baron Zemo toy by Hasbro (Reddit/Hasbro)

If Zemo really has the book, then it might be bad news for Bucky. The villain might use the code on Bucky and turn him into an assassin once again. But that would not be so easy for Zemo because Shuri deprogrammed Bucky in Wakanda. So, the trigger words might not work on Bucky. However, we also know that there are other Winter Soldiers as well. Zemo could use the code on them and utilize them for his personal agenda.

According to comics, Zemo found the Siberian Hydra base and killed all the Winter Soldiers by shooting them in the head while still in suspended animation.  But there is a possibility that one of them might have survived by escaping the facility. If this is the case and Zemo knows about it then the book becomes really important for the show’s plot.

Daniel Bruhl as Zemo (Marvel Studios)

We have already seen in one of the TV spots that Bucky and Zemo will come face to face with each other at some point in the series. The snippet showed Bucky pointing a gun at Zemo. So, it should not come in as a surprise to anyone that Zemo would do anything save himself from the wrath of Bucky. I mean, the guy turned him into a monster and made him kill Tony Stark’s (Iron Man) parents.

It will be interesting to see if Zemo uses the code on Bucky to save himself. But, it will be even more interesting to see if Bucky will be able to dodge the code’s effect on him or not.

Daniel Bruhl in 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' (Marvel/YouTube)

The toy leak also suggests that Zemo still has possession of the book and he was able to take hold of it even after he was taken into custody at the end of ‘Civil War’.

What are your thoughts on the leaked photos? 'The Falcon and The Winter Soldier' returns to Disney+ with a new episode every Friday.