Truck driver's daughter who posed as fake billionaire heiress shows no remorse as she is indicted on grand larceny charges

Netflix bought rights to the story of 'Anna Delvey', the Russian woman who conned elite New York establishments into financing her life as a grifter.

                            Truck driver's daughter who posed as fake billionaire heiress shows no remorse as she is indicted on grand larceny charges
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On Tuesday, the daughter of a truck driver appeared in a Manhattan court after she was accused of posing as the heir of a Russian billionaire to swindle bank loans, trips, and lavish hotel stays. 27-year-old Anna Sorokin appeared in shackles as she was indicted on grand larceny charges at the New York Supreme Court on August 21. Sorokin's lawyer discussed with the judge about lifting a protective order that was preventing them from seeing documents relevant to her case among other prosecutor matters.

In a conversation with Daily Mail, Todd Spodek, the lawyer representing Sorokin, said, "It is imperative that I be able to share any and all evidence in the case with Ms. Sorokin so that she can provide meaningful input into trial preparation. 

"I am pleased that Judge Kiesel and the District Attorney's office are in agreement as well."

On June 19, a judge rejected the lawyer's proposed deal of a sentence of one to three years in prison. Sorokin's team then turned down a counter-offer of three to nine years in prison. Justice Diane Kiesel slammed the former fashion student and magazine intern, saying, "I see no remorse.

"She seems more concerned about who is going to play her in the movie than what she’s done to the people she allegedly took advantage of." A sentence of just three years behind bars would only serve as a "mere a slap on the wrist for a crime this serious," the judge said. If convicted on all counts, Sorokin would be facing over 15 years in jail.

In June, Netflix obtained rights to her story in a deal signed by the suspect. Sorokin duped elite circles in Manhattan from 2013 until January this year posing as Anna Delvey, the heiress daughter of a fictitious billionaire Russian magnate. She was able to charm bankers into lending her money to start the 'Anna Delvey Foundation'. On many occasions, Sorokin skipped out on bills at the end of five-star hotel stays that would last for at least a week. That said, Sorokin insists she was only trying to be seen as a businesswoman and denies all the charges against her.

In an interview with New York Magazine earlier this year, she said, "I had what I thought was a great team around me, and I was having fun."She accepts that she made some wrong moves, but it "doesn’t diminish the hundred things I did right." Back in May, speaking from the Rikers' Island, Sorokin said it was "not that bad".

Sorokin claims she learned how "easy" it was to steal others' identities after talking to some of the financial criminals who are jailed alongside her. "This place is not that bad at all actually. People seem to think it’s horrible, but I see it as like, this sociological experiment. "There are a couple of girls who are here for financial crimes as well. This one girl, she’s been stealing other people’s identities. I didn’t realize it was so easy," she told New York Magazine at the time.