'Worst nightmare': Mom recalls TERRIFYING moment when fairground ride with her 3 kids strapped in SNAPPED

'Worst nightmare': Mom recalls TERRIFYING moment when fairground ride with her 3 kids strapped in SNAPPED
The mother of the children, Tessa Brown (inset picture), revealed the ride had been inspected just a day before the incident (Summit County Fair/Facebook; Tessa Brown/Facebook)

TALLMADGE, OHIO: A terrifying scene unfolded when a mother witnessed the mechanical arm of a fairground ride snap off, untethering the seat that her three children were strapped to. Upturned, the three kids were left trapped and shouting in fear.

Tessa Brown, the mother, said that her children went on the 'jet ski simulator' at the Summit County Fair in Tallmadge, Ohio on July 29, 2022. She had shared a picture of the children moments before they sat on the ride.


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According to a report by The Sun, Brown, a personal banker, said that the jet ski ride's mechanical arm snapped off mid-way during the ride. In a Facebook post, Brown recalled the incident, claiming the boat seat fell with her kids strapped in. The upturned boat was on top of the screaming children as they cried in horror.


As per 19News, park officials revealed the car fell around 18 inches to the ground. They said that the kids did not receive any major injury because they were strapped in.

'Literally thanking God,' says mother

Thankfully, the children only received minor cuts.Tessa wrote, “It could have been so much worse. We’re literally thanking God that they aren’t seriously injured or worse.” She recounted the incident as one of her "worst nightmares". Tessa believes that the ordeal will prevent the children from going on fairground rides for a “very long time”. She said that the paramedics arrived quickly to ensure the kids were alright and said they "were wonderful."
The manager of the fair, Cathy Cunningham, told 19News that the rides underwent inspection on July 26 by Ohio Department of Agriculture officials. She said, “the ride owners then perform inspections every morning.” Cathy added that officials from the ride vendor Lindo Amusements also spoke with the family and checked on the kids’ well-being. The Summit County fair took place between July 26-31 and the ride was designed for children below the age of 10.

This news comes just after people at an amusement park in Pennsylvania were left hanging upside down when the Aero 360 swing ride they were in abruptly stopped on May 30. Some eyewitnesses at the scene recounted people in the ride screaming for help as they dangled mid-air. Maintenance staff helped evacuate the riders. While no one was injured in the incident, three people visited the first aid center as a precaution. 

Carnival rides can malfunction out of the blue like it did in July 2021, when the Magic Carpet Ride at the 95th Annual National Cherry Festival in Traverse City, Michigan spun out of control. Several witnesses rushed to stabilize the dangerous attraction as  around 10 passengers hung on for dear life. No one was injured following the incident.

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