Mark Zuckerberg trolled for wearing earmuffs while throwing spear: 'Are the spears loud?'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg became the butt of all jokes as he posted videos of him throwing spears while wearing noise cancellation headphones

                            Mark Zuckerberg trolled for wearing earmuffs while throwing spear: 'Are the spears loud?'
Mark Zuckerberg was trolled for wearing ear protection when throwing spears (Facebook/ Mark Zuckerberg)

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg often finds himself being the subject of memes. Whether it is vacationing in Hawaii with sunscreen plastered all over his face or in the middle of a Senate hearing, Zuckerberg is classic meme material. This time around, videos shared by the CEO while doing plenty of athletics became the butt of all jokes.

On Monday, June 7, 2021, Zuckerberg uploaded videos of him throwing spears at wooden targets and shooting a bow and arrow at bowling pins. While both these videos received millions of views from across the globe, many Facebook users were confused. They pointed out that Zuckerberg was wearing noise cancellation headphones when throwing spears. 


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Sharing a video of himself throwing a spear at a wooden target in slow motion, Zuckerberg captioned it, "I have a very particular set of skills…" In this video, he can be seen wearing hearing protection, which are usually worn to protect oneself from firearms.


In another slo-mo video he uploaded on the social networking site, he can be seen shooting a bow and arrow at bowling pins. He captioned the video, "If I were an Avenger, pretty sure I’d be Hawkeye."


Ever since the videos were posted, social media users have been having a gala time. The comment section was filled with thousands of people who had something or the other to say, but most users took a jab at the noise cancellation headphones that Zuckerberg was wearing. 

"Just wondering..why do you have ear protection? Are the spears loud?" one simply asked on Facebook. "It’s important to wear ear protection due to the roar of the crowd," one user commented. "And how the noise headset helps you to do that?" another said. "Have to wear ear defenders cos a throw this fast creates a sonic boom," another user commented. A very observant user said, "The best video I have ever seen with a guy wearing noise headset and throwing a spear while wearing Nikes on muddy sole."

Zuckerberg's videos were also a hit on Twitter. "When using the 20m spear throwing range, Mr Zuckerberg uses adequate eye and hearing protection. Mr Zuckerberg is a model for all workers," one user tweeted taking a dig. "Why is weirdo Zuckerberg wearing ear protection to throw a spear at a target 10’ away? Are we supposed to be impressed by this un-athletic childish display of uncoordinated stupidity?" another said. "Zuckerberg can’t do too much more to out himself as an alien crab person than his neural algorithm telling him it’s normal to wear ear protection while throwing a spear," another user said. "I appreciate Zuckerberg taking safety to a whole new level by wearing hearing protection on a spear throwing range," one more tweeted. 





Others asked what exactly he is prepping for. "Mark Zuckerberg wearing professional earmuffs while practicing spear throwing for the zombie apocalypse is next level," one said. "zuckerberg training to hunt animals with a spear? wtf is about to happen on earth that he feels the need to be that prepared? what does he know?" another added. 



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