f(x)'s Krystal Jung ends decade-old relationship with SM Entertainment, here's a look at agency's past rows

She is reportedly looking for an agency that will support her acting as well as music career but nothing has been confirmed yet

                            f(x)'s Krystal Jung ends decade-old relationship with SM Entertainment, here's a look at agency's past rows
Krystal Jung (Getty Images)

Actress and f(x) band member Krystal Jung has decided to end her relationship with her agency, SM Entertainment, according to a report by Naver. According to the report, an industry insider told reporters, "Krystal has decided to leave SM Entertainment after over 10 years, and she is currently preparing for a new start under a different place."

The report further states that the artiste has contacted various talent management agencies focused on actors and actresses. As per the report, she held meetings with various agency representatives but nothing has been confirmed yet. She is reportedly looking for an agency that will support her acting as well as music career.

A report in Monsters & Critics from September 2019 stated that other members of the f(x) band — Amber Liu, Victoria Song and Luna Park — had already left the band, and now Jung was the only one left. Jung has been a part of SM Entertainment's project group SM the Ballad. Aside from group activities, she has also acted in various television dramas such as ‘The Heirs’ (2013), ‘My Lovely Girl’ (2014) and 'Player' (2018). Jung, along with her sister Jessica, was also a part of the reality show 'Jessica & Krystal'. It gave the audiences a look into their personal lives and the bond shared between the sisters. In 2019, the sisters filmed their second reality show in the US.

On the other hand, Somag News reported that SM Entertainment will soon announce a new K-pop girl group. According to the report, SM Entertainment will debut a new girl group after the band SuperM releases their next album, which will be their first full album.

SM Entertainment and controversies

SM Entertainment Co is one of South Korea's largest entertainment companies. It was founded in 1995 by Lee Soo-man. The company has represented K-pop talents such as Kangta, S.E.S., TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, NCT and WayV, among others. And over the years it has expanded its activities globally. According to a November 2019 Variety Report, SM Entertainment announced that it has signed a contract with CAA – the agency that represents the likes of Beyonce, Ariana Grande and Mariah Carey.  

Lee is quoted as saying, "It is a great pleasure working together with the largest entertainment and sports agency in the US. We believe that SuperM and NCT 127 will expand further to the global market together with CAA. Furthermore, this contract is only the beginning of our collaborations. As an executive producer, I am hoping to contribute to our forthcoming global entertainment business by providing new visions and by creating more meaningful content."

However, apart from the success SM Entertainment also had to deal with a fair share of controversies. In 2009, as reported by The Korea Times, the three-member pop group TVXQ ― Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu – had sought legal action regarding their 13-year exclusive contract with the company. According to the report, they said that the contract was more of a lifelong bond and they also objected to the terms of profit distribution. The three of them then returned to the stage as JYJ under a new management agency, C-JeS Entertainment. In 2012, according to a statement quoted in Asiae.co.kr, the company said, "We came to the conclusion ending this litigation would be the best way to protect U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin, who are still actively working as TVXQ, from any additional or unnecessary damages."

According to Monsters & Critics, the company had a strained relationship with Jessica as well. According to the report, SM Entertainment "removed" Jessica from So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD), better known as Girls' Generation, while on tour. It happened right before Girls' Generation performed at the Tokyo Dome. They managed her solo endeavors as well but there were almost no solo recordings, as per the report. The report claims that this lack of promotions led to Jessica parting ways with SM Entertainment.

In 2014, they courted controversy due to the band Red Velvet’s music video for their track "Happiness", which used images referencing the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as the 9/11 tragedy, according to Allkpop.com. Later, they released a statement, as quoted in the report saying, "After questioning the director, we found that he simply used a collage source for the images, and there was no intention behind it. As SM wasn't able to catch it before, we will remove the material that caused the misunderstanding as soon as possible. We will make sure not to let this kind of thing happen in the future."

After the news of Jung parting ways with SM Entertainment broke, fans took to social media to give their two cents. One said, "Krystal planning the solo album prior after leaving sm means she doesn't want us to spend money on sm even thought they begged her too ugh i stan the right girl!"


Another wrote: "SM aint s**t istg yall treat f(x) like s**t and just started properly promoting krystal's acting activities recently and yet still have the guts to ask her to stay?? what the f*k is that."


One said, "She is Krystal Jung. talented, visual goddes, and classy. she will shine wherever she will be."


Another stated, "Dear MeUs even though F(x) isn't active and Krystal's sudden part way with SM has made it more worse let's hope for the best of each members of the group because they all are so talented and we can still Stan them as soloist."


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