"His style is a car crash": Lewis Hamilton branded the 'worst dressed man' in sports by fans

"His style is a car crash": Lewis Hamilton branded the 'worst dressed man' in sports by fans

While Lewis Hamilton can easily be dubbed the fastest man in the world, F1 fans are super disappointed with his fashion sense and choices ahead of the Italian GP. Last week, Hamilton announced his own fashion line with Tommy Hilfiger. 

Given that the Italian GP is going to be kicking off very soon at the home of his rivals Ferrari the Monza circuit, many of the F1 fans have expressed great disappointment over Hamilton's taste of clothes. They have branded Hamilton as "worst dressed man," mocked and made fun of his style describing it as a "car crash" and have also dubbed him as "dressing like a wally." 

Lewis Hamilton is generally known for his bold and outrageous style and has admitted that in the past, several people have had huge issues with his sense of style. The F1 fans took to social media to attack his new collection TommyXLewis as Hamilton attempted to promote it. One fan wrote, "it all looks like Adidas on steroids” and another added, “I suppose you can’t do any worse than this."


Another fan took to social media to share, "Lewis stick to driving and give up the fashion job” and “are you wearing fancy dress?" while another wrote: "I’ll support you on the track mate, but this clothing line isn’t for me."

Hamilton has also spoken of his unique and strange fashion sense, and the 33-year-old said, "People here still frown upon what I do. It's still an issue for many, many people here, the way that I dress, that I have jewels, that I wear earrings. Since I have been in FR, I've strived to defy the odds. Fashion is an extension of how you express yourself." Hamilton has also been seen at many fashion events, photographed alongside designers and models. 


In a memorable and not-so-pleasant incident, Hamilton was actually denied entry to Wimbledon's Royal box as he did not keep the dress code in mind. He sported a colorful floral shirt, sunglasses, and also a wide-brimmed hat and was eventually turned away. Hamilton's management called the incident an "unfortunate misunderstanding." Gary Lineker who is a sports commentator dubbed the incident as "England at its pompous worse."

Some fans were in support and favor of Hamilton's bold style, and many leaped to his defense. One fan wrote, "Just saw the collection, loving it Lewis," while another fan added, "awesome collection, proud of you!." Hamilton will be facing off against Sebastian Vettel, and both men are looking for their fifth world title.

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