'Extreme Love' Season 2: This DDLG couple has fans feeling disgusted calling it the strangest thing they've ever seen

We've come across people with a fetish for foot or BDSM, and the list goes on. But on Friday night, we were introduced to one couple who live their life the DDLG way.

                            'Extreme Love' Season 2: This DDLG couple has fans feeling disgusted calling it the strangest thing they've ever seen
Fans are calling out Wade claiming he is practising legal pedophilia. (WeTv)

Think you've come across the most bizarre relationships one could think of? Well, cross that out and think again, as Extreme Love Season 2 just premiered and introduced us to three couples we never thought we would come across. Especially with one being the major standout amongst the rest. 

We've come across people with a fetish for foot or BDSM, and the list goes on. But with all that, on Friday night's premiere, we were introduced to one particular couple who live their life the DDLG (Daddy Dom/ Little Girl) way. After the met online, Wade got to know his now-wife/ Little Girl has always loved being the submissive one in the relationship, while he has liked being the dominant one. 

Taking things to another level, this married couple lives the DDLG life 24/7. His wife wears on only onesies and diapers and behaves like baby 24/7. She revealed that she likes it and so does he. Her age ranges from five years to pre-teens depending on her mood. Though this has always only been an indoors thing, the couple has never gone out in public till day, until recently when they revealed it during the episode. 

Wade/Daddy Dom treats her just like a baby, bathes her, and punishes her when she does something he doesn't like and hands down in all ways this make it seem like he's a pedophile and this does not sit well with fans who watched the season premiere on Friday night. We also got to know that Wade does have a teenage son as well from his previous marriage who apparently looks up to him.


Wade revealed that he has been into spanking and punishing since he was a little kid, and came to a decision that this is what he likes. He also has a sister who came in toward the end to help the couple set up for a playdate. Even though she didn't seem too comfortable sitting with her sister-in-law behaving like a little baby, she managed to go through with it for the sake of her brother, because she knew what he was into. 

Wade added that he also takes Little Girl whenever he goes for work, and does not let her stay at home. Taking to Twitter after the episode, fans wrote that this relationship is the strangest thing compared to the other two couples we were introduced to. They also claim that this is Wade's way of being a legal pedophiliac. 

"Is it just me or is the whole Daddy Dom thing more strange than the woman who loves an airplane? I know they’re consensual adults but they have sex with her acting like a 5 yr old. That’s not strange, that’s just fu*ked up," a fan wrote. 

"So Daddy Dom is sexually exciting? So he’s basically figured out a legal way to be a pedophile. Got it. #extremelove," a fan wrote. While another shared, "#ExtremeLove Daddy Dom needs to be on the pedi watch list. How do we know this "fetish" won't escalate into him trying to a real child??? There's something not quite right about him..."

"#extremelove daddy Dom and baby she said she is between 5 and preteen wtf five year old has diapers and a bottle and how is he not locked up for pedophilia yet??? He just found a work around but you know he has some victims out there somewhere... And HE HAS A CHILD WTF," a fan wrote. Adding to that another shared, "#ExtremeLove this daddy Dom crap is just legal pedophilia... It's disgusting and she's just a supplement for his sick obsession and it could easily turn ... I hope they never have kids... Also it seems like he's abusive not a Dom??? Wtf." 

'Extreme Love' Season 2 airs every Friday night only on WeTv. Check your local listings for more information.

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