'Extreme Love' Season 2: Man says he 'lives with' 12 sex dolls and that they 'get jealous', viewers shocked

Though it is strange, Dean claims that he has not gone down the hole where he sits and talks to his dolls 24/7.

                            'Extreme Love' Season 2: Man says he 'lives with' 12 sex dolls and that they 'get jealous', viewers shocked
Dean (We TV)

Ever came across something in public or online and thought you've seen the unbelievable, and that there couldn't be anything even more shocking than that? Well, think again.

On this week's episode of 'Extreme Love' Season 2, we witnessed extreme couples, and their fetishes are nothing but bizarre. 

This time we meet a retired psychiatric nurse named Dean who is a doll photographer. And by dolls, we mean, sex dolls. He has over 12 dolls who live with him, and who he goes out in public with, for photo shoots and dates. 

Dean, who hails from the UK, is twice divorced, newly retired, he has two children named who are grown up and have moved out of the house. The first doll he got a couple of years ago was Sarah, and "she" has a special place in his heart. 

He said that, five years ago, if someone had told him that he would be living with 12 sex dolls, he would have laughed about it. But today, he cannot imagine doing anything else.

Dean said he opted to live with the sex dolls because he was aware that he had a long time on his own and lacks the companionship he wanted. He became intrigued by the sense of company. 

Though it is strange, Dean claims that he's not mad for sitting and talking to his dolls 24/7. Even though he does do so at times, and admits to it as well. He revealed that he informed his neighbors about it too because he would often do a photoshoot with them in his backyard. Though his neighbors seem to be fine with him, Dean said that his ex-wife thinks he is crazy and everyone back at work thinks so too. 

He then revealed the secret to his daughter, who said that it was embarrassing that he hid it from her and her brother. When his daughter suggested he find another woman and get rid of the dolls, he said he would never do that.

Dean also said that these dolls "get jealous", and he knows it is in his brain, but it is to fill the void in his life.

Taking to Twitter after the episode aired, fans had mixed reactions towards Dean and his fetish, while some share that he should use his makeup skills and do something good with it, than living with dolls. 

"The one doll is jealous that he took one of the other dolls out? And this man was a psychiatric nurse?" a fan questioned. While another wrote, "Dean should be a stylist and makeup artist. Some of these dolls are dressed nice and their hair is cute the rest can go." 

"If I saw a MFer in the park taking pictures of dolls I would call the police IMMEDIATELY!!" shared a fan. Adding to that another said, "Dean I haven't gone down the rabbit hole and talk to them Sir... you're dressing, sleeping with, traveling with and mating with dolls. You been down the hole." 

"This man lives with 12 dolls....and this nigga is pushing one in a wheelchair. I’ve f*ckin seen it ALL." wrote a fan. 

'Extreme Love' Season 2 airs every Friday night only on WE TV. Check your local listings for more information.

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