'Extreme Love': First cousins seek to change Utah marriage laws, aren't worried about their child's health

'Extreme Love': First cousins seek to change Utah marriage laws, aren't worried about their child's health

'Extreme Love' recently introduced us to first cousins Michael and Angela who are not just in love but also married. 

Michael Lee and Angela Paeng are first cousins who grew up in Utah and have known each other their entire lives. They first met when Michael went to visit Angela and that's when they first connected. 

Michael's mom and Angela's dad are siblings and despite the family trying to keep them apart after they were caught kissing, they found a way to get back together years later.

Though Michael and Angela were first married to different people, their relationship rekindled after they met at their grandmother's party after they were divorced.

Angela has kids of her own from her ex-husband but Michael doesn't. 

After they met at their grandmother's place, Angela shared that she had a sex dream about Michael, and was afraid he didn't feel the same. But now, crossing all barriers, the couple went to Colorado and got married because it is illegal for them to do in Utah. 


In Utah, if first cousins are found having sexual relations with each other, they could face up to five years in prison. Despite them being in danger of ending up in prison, the couple is now expecting a baby in May 2020.

They shared that they had taken a genetic test to prove they weren't carrying any disease that would create problems for their offspring. 

Wanting to legalize marriage between first cousins in Utah, the couple is trying to get a number of signatures so the state can pass a law that will accept their marriage as legal.

In an interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) they opened up about the reason they decided to fight for the legalization of marriage between first cousins or at least to legalize sex between first cousins in Utah which is legal in 42 other States. 

Talking about what pushed them to start this petition that is frowned upon by some, Angela shared, "What we're trying to do is make it, so that we're not breaking any laws and we're legitimate in our state. The petition was to try to legalize marriage between first cousins in Utah. Right now as the last stand, you have to be 65 in order to marry your cousin or 55 if you can prove that you're infertile.  So if we just made one alteration who allow first cousins to marry, if they do genetic testing, for example, and their genetic testing results are good, or to just, to recognize out of state marriages or to simply legalize sex between first cousins, which is legal in 42 other states is more than enough for us." 


Adding to that, Michael also shared that the couple together has discussed the legal ramifications and potential consequences of their union, because they did not get married in Utah, and they did not conceive in Utah. 

We asked Angela if she is worried that despite the genetic testing whether their newborn will have some problems, she shared, "I'm not worried. I think that our baby will be perfectly healthy and not only physically healthy, but he will be emotionally healthy because we are prepared to teach him self love, self-confidence, emotional health. We're here to give him the best chance at happiness and success that any child could have." 

The couple could face a minimum of five years in prison because of them conceiving a baby since it is illegal in Utah.

Talking about that Michael said, "The law enforcement has much bigger things to be concerned with than breaking up a family who's not hurting anyone or causing any problems. There are robbers and rapists and all sorts of crazy people out there doing crazy things. That's where the attention needs to be placed, and I don't think that they would place the attention on us, and it would be a huge waste of taxpayers' dollars and you would just be breaking up a home."


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 Extreme Love First cousins seek to change Utah marriage laws arent worried about their child health