'Extreme Engagement' will take you to Earth's remotest places to explore bizarre wedding traditions and witness relationship goals

To add to your list of guilty pleasure viewing, Netflix releases a brand new unscripted reality show known as 'Extreme Engagement'

                            'Extreme Engagement' will take you to Earth's remotest places to explore bizarre wedding traditions and witness relationship goals

Come July 12 and all the love-struck couples out there can witness the ultimate relationship goals to play out on screen in 'Extreme Engagement'. Set to release on Netflix, fans of series on love and marriage like 'Yes To The Dress', 'Married at First Sight', '90 Day Fiancé' and 'Bridezilla' can binge-watch yet another show on the beauty of love and marriage, albeit with a twist. Netflix's 'Extreme Engagement' is an unscripted reality show will show you that there is more to marriage than just the glitz and glamor, as a couple embarks on a year's journey into the toughest places on Earth to see if they are really ready to get married.

'Extreme Engagement' is Australia's first unscripted show (PC- Tim Noonan - Instagram)

'Extreme Engagement' is also Australia's first unscripted TV show. Premiering on July 12, the series features an engaged couple — Tim Noonan and PJ Madam — who travel around the world for a year and explore various marriage customs to see if they really are made for each other and can stay with each other for better or for worse, in sickness and in health. 

In an age where there are more people getting divorced than married, this young couple goes on a journey and witnesses how marriage is different in other cultures around the world. Their journey, that takes them through eight episodes, will see them make their engagement survive based on eight other cultures in the world. 

In a recently released trailer, we see Noonan and Madam reveal they want to find out if they are really ready for marriage and so they decide to spend a year in eight of the worlds toughest places finding out how men and women in the most remote places on the planet get their relationships to work. While everything starts off in an exciting and happy note, we can see the couple go through their share of trials in their journey.


The trailer shows them eating weird food, learning to fight for survival, build their own homes, learn how to hunt for food, fish using a harpoon among other life skills. We can't wait to see if they overcome their arguments, struggles, difficulties and end up together happily ever after.

This series is surely filled not just with love but adventure and makes for a good weekend binge. 'Extreme Engagement' releases on Netflix on July 12.

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