'My Pregnant Husband': Myles gets arrested after police accuse him of theft because of his baby bump

The unusual pregnancy lands Myles in trouble but the cops later apologize when they lift up his shirt and actually see the baby bump

                            'My Pregnant Husband': Myles gets arrested after police accuse him of theft because of his baby bump
Myles (TLC)

Myles and Precious have always wanted to start a family but they never thought he would be the one carrying a child. Identifying themselves as a transgender family, Myles tried to explain their situation to the camera and made it clear that despite carrying the child, he was not taking the place of a mother as that belonged to Precious. 

"I am still me. I just have the equipment to bear a child," he said. Since a young age, Myles knew that he was not in the right body. He spoke about looking at his brother and knowing that it was the body he wanted to be in. Myles revealed he spoke to his parents about not feeling comfortable in his body when he was five years old. At the age of 20, he started taking testosterone that helped him grow a mustache. Myles admitted that the change made him feel confident and he loved every second of it. While his parents were welcoming of the change, Precious did not go through the same experience. 

Precious recalled that she never had the support system that she had craved for while she was transitioning. Despite this, she decided to do what made her love her body. Myles recalled that the first time he laid his eyes on Precious, he knew she was the one. The pair had wanted to start a family and had been trying to get pregnant through IVF. After two years, they finally got the happy news that they were expecting. 

While the two had been looking forward to welcoming their child, their road to birth was not an easy one. During one of his visits to a clothing store, Myles was stopped by a police officer who had been undercover. The officer thought that Myles was stealing clothes and carrying them under his clothes because of the baby bump. Myles was soon handcuffed and the situation made him worry that something might happen to the baby. He tried to assure the police officers that he did not steal anything and was almost nine months pregnant. The police officers did not believe him at first but changed their minds and apologized later when they lifted his shirt to see the bump. 

He admitted that the situation got him worried that something might happen to the baby. Just when Precious and Myles thought that this would be the end of their problem, the pair found out that his cervix line was very thin and that could pose a problem during pregnancy. Myles was worried about what the future had in store for them. 

This being the last embryo, Precious and Myles wanted to make sure the baby was in good condition. Luckily for them, the baby was safe and Myles was healthy too. The day had finally come when the pair was set to welcome their child. After 18 hours into labor, Myles finally gave birth to their child. 

'Extraordinary People: My Pregnant Husband' aired on July 23 at 10 pm ET on TLC. 

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