'Extraordinary People': Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita on living in fear of deportation from 'Trump's America'

Carmen and Lupita Andrade are Mexican immigrants who came to the US for treatment but feared deportation when Donald Trump became the president

                            'Extraordinary People': Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita on living in fear of deportation from 'Trump's America'
Carmen and Lupita Andrade (TLC)

Conjoined twins Carmen and Lupita Andrade left Mexico and came to the US in 2002 to seek medical help. When they were born, the doctors in Mexico asked their parents to choose one of them if they wanted them separated. However, once they arrived in the US, the doctors informed them of the risks that surgery would bring in. 

While one would think that Carmen and Lupita have things figured out as they have been staying in the US since they were two, the sisters opened up about the reality and admitted that they are "two Mexican kids trying to get along in Trump's America". When Donald Trump became the President, Carmen and Lupita admitted that they feared things would change. 

Despite staying in the US since they were two, the family does not have a green card. The Andrades stay on a special medical permit that allows them to continue living in the US because Carmen and Lupita need special medical care. Every year, the family has to file paper works to make sure they are granted another year to stay. Carmen admitted that no child wants to live a life where they are learning how to read while also understanding how to fill legal paper works. 

Carmen recalled that there had been a point when she started "acting White". She explained that she would pretend to not know Spanish as she wanted to feel that she fit in the White community. Meanwhile, Carmen and Lupita's family has always been worried about getting deported. 

Their mother, Norma often asks them to be careful with whatever they are doing as she fears they might get arrested. Carmen and Lupita recalled there was a time when her father was going to be deported and for nearly three months their mother was living in fear that every car that passed by or when there was a knock on the door, it could be someone from the immigration department. 

Carmen made it clear that they were not trying to take advantage of the system. The pair opened up about their medical condition and confessed that it would be impossible for them to get the same treatment if they go back to Mexico. The show also highlighted their thoughts on Trump changing rules of the country especially the part when Trump emphasized how Americans would be given priority and the plan of building a wall between Mexico and America. Carmen recalled a Mexican boy joining their school and being told to go back to his country. The sisters admitted that it wasn't a pleasant situation to be in. 

Their worst fears came to life when there was a discussion about scrapping the special grant that was provided to people who needed medical treatment. Carmen and Lupita feared they would have to go back to their country. The family decided to meet a lawyer but got the same news as always and that was - they cannot get a green card. 

Carmen stated that at this point it was not about the lawyers but it was more about politics. She admitted that one needed to change the law to finally see a difference in the society. Fortunately for them, the government did not make any changes in terms of medical treatment to people from other countries. 

Carmen and Lupita were granted another year to stay in the country but they admitted they were still unsure of how their life would turn out to be. 

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