Dickson City Police stop exorcism in Pennsylvania Home Depot lumber aisle!

On June 21, police in Dickson City received a call that in one of the lumber aisles of a Home Depot, 'disorderly people' were performing an exorcism

                            Dickson City Police stop exorcism in Pennsylvania Home Depot lumber aisle!
Police in police in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, intercepted an exorcism at the lumber aisle of a Home Depot but no one was arrested (Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images)

DICKSON CITY, PENNSYLVANIA: Beware of this story if you are of a weak heart, especially if exorcisms scare you. You might have seen a number of these in films and documentaries. but this one is particularly different. In this story, there are exorcisms being done for trees - dead trees. 

On Monday, June 21, 2021, police in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania, reportedly received a call that in one of the lumber aisles of a Home Depot in Dickson City, some "disorderly people" were performing an exorcism "for the dead trees", as per a police report. 

"They were escorted out of the building," the report concluded. One officer from the Dickson City police reportedly told the PhillyVoice that "It was a séance type of thing for the dead."

"There were two people hanging out in the lumber department doing their little exorcism thing," the officer said. "Some people at the store started picking up that something was happening that was not necessarily normal. Police were called to the store and they were escorted out of the building."

As per reports, two people had taken part in the exorcism and neither of them was charged. The incident was reportedly described in only 27 words. On Facebook, it was posted as a part of a long list of the department’s daily log of calls. Dickson City, a borough in Lackawanna County, is reportedly home to fewer than 6,000 people

The description said, "3:26pm Commerce Blvd. @ Home Depot for disorderly people having an exorcism in the lumber isle for the dead trees. They were escorted out of the building." But given the absurd nature of this incident, the post was shared 571 times at the time of writing this article.


Comments under the viral Facebook post were also those of people who were quite amused with this particular entry. "An exorcism in a Home Depot. I just can't right now," one user commented. "Wait ... Why did you stop it? Now we got a possessed individual running loose?! [shocked emoji]" another added. 

People wished they could witness the incident themselves. "I feel slighted. I wish I could witness an exorcism in the lumber aisle of Home Depot. LOL My Mom lives in Bushkill Falls between Milford and Stroudsburg, btw. I spend a lot of time trout fishing in that area," one user commented. 

"I can only imagine what you officers have to deal with," another said. "Can you elaborate a little more on the alleged exorcism in the lumber aisle?" one commenter asked. Another wrote, "Please, may I have a crumb of context and also the body cam footage of the Home Depot[?]"

It was an overall humorous situation for many. "Whoever did the exorcism let’s be friends please [tears from laughter emoji]," one said. "I will light a candle for the lumber at Lowes," another said. 

Some users needed more clarity on the situation. "How does a wood exorcism happen in 2021 and not a single person in Home Depot videoed this for our entertainment. I need answers," one commenter said. Another user commented along similar lines, "Dickson City Police Department do you by any chance have video of the exorcism?"