Exitmusic drops new music video for 'Trumpets Fade' amid speculations of split

The dream pop duo recently dropped their new album 'The Recognitions', after they went through a divorce. But Devon Church says 'it remains to be seen' if it's the final album.

                            Exitmusic drops new music video for 'Trumpets Fade' amid speculations of split

New York City's pop-rock duo Exitmusic just released the new music video for 'Trumpets Fade', the haunting, moody single off of their 2018 album 'The Recognitions'. Conceptualized, shot and directed by VOIID Studios with NPR Music, the music video features Aleksa Palladino drifting through ethereal landscapes - from her hauntingly lit bedroom to an autumn-touched forest, and floating listlessly in a pool of water, all the while chasing a fading memory from an old photograph.

Directors Danny Scales and Jacob Gossett explain, "At its core, the piece is about a unique facet of dealing with a loss; how you don’t only lose the person, but you also lose who you were in that particular configuration."

"It’s this oblique, secondary loss and you find yourself relating to this other version of yourself in different ways. The film is about various phases of that state – how uncanny and alienating it can feel to sense this person that you were from this new distance, about how we can long for and pursue, but also be troubled and haunted by that part of us that feels lost – how it can be both terrifying and liberating to disentangle those versions, how difficult and bittersweet it can be to merge them, and how sometimes, it simply doesn’t quite resolve," they add.

Watch the music video below:

'The Recognitions' arrives six years after the duo's previous full-length effort, 2012's 'Passage' and the highly anticipated album could very well be the last for Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church, who have taken the journey together for 12 years now. The mercurial project started the year they got married (2004) and all-but-imploded during their recent divorce, but not before the duo wrapped its most fully realized collection of beautifully damaged music yet in the form of 'The Recognitions.'

It wasn't easy, though, for the band has always had to balance its writing and recording sessions with Palladino's career as an actress on acclaimed television shows ('Boardwalk Empire', 'Halt and Catch Fire'), art-house films such as 'Storytelling' and Sidney Lumet's final film, 'Before the Devil Knows You're Dead.'

"We essentially grew up together," says Aleksa in a statement, "but it became very clear that we needed to do it alone now. It was the hardest realization I've had in my life, but there was so much energy propelling me; it was almost elemental, like how the earth crashes into itself and forms mountains."

The word 'Recognition' has a lot of associations for me," says Church, detailing the new album. "I remember when I first came to New York City and fell in love with Aleksa; I told her I felt like I 'recognized' her. Then, of course, there was the recognition implied by the breakup and the unraveling of a story we've been telling each other for 12 years. And I'm also really interested in Gnostic-type mystical practice, which centers on a kind of 'amanuensis’ or unforgetting of true reality."

"'Recognitions' has always meant the realization of painful truths for me," adds Palladino. "I thought releasing the record was the only way to let it all go—the final act, the last thing we made together. This album captures that change, the lapse of time in leaving one life to the next, which is what Exitmusic always represented."

But for fans who are heartbroken thinking, this will be the last we listen to the duo together there is still a ray of hope. In a recent exclusive interview with Meaww, when asked if 'The Recognitions' was indeed the final effort from Exitmusic, Devon Church left the doors open, saying: "that remains to be seen", suggesting that there could indeed be a chance that the dream pop duo could reunite for more music.

Meanwhile, Church is rolling out his own solo album next month. Titled 'We Are Inextricable', it's a brilliant blend of the traditional singer/songwriter aesthetic and Church's explorative electronic textures. The album is set for an October 26 release via Felte. Listen to the title track of the album below: