EXID's Hani confirms dating rumor with psychiatrist, K-pop fans joke 'what about women'

EXID's Hani confirms dating rumor with psychiatrist, K-pop fans joke 'what about women'
EXID's Hani confirmed to be dating 39-year-old celebrity psychiatrist Yang Jae-woong (@ahnanihh, @jw0601/Instagram)

With more and more third-gen idols getting older and starting the next chapter in their lives, fans are getting whiplash. It was just a few years ago in 2014 when Hani started the fancam culture with her iconic ‘Up & Down’ performance that singlehandedly renewed EXID’s career. And now we have the members branching out and focusing on their solo careers as singers, actors and entertainers. While Hani has been roped in to be one of the MCs of South Korea’s first queer dating show ‘Merry Queer’, she also confirmed her relationship.

On June 29, several rumors cropped up that EXID’s Hani was dating and the secret man was a 39-year-old psychiatrist. Hours later, Hani’s label announced that the idol actor was indeed dating Yang Jae-woong, a psychiatrist who is known as one of the panelists on Channel A’s dating show ‘Heart Signal’. He has also appeared on other variety shows like ‘Secret Garden’ and ‘War of the Roses’. Hani’s label shared that they were going strong having dated for the past two years with the 30-year-old actress adding that she hoped her fans would continue to support her.

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Hani confirms dating rumor

While dating in K-pop is more or less taboo with toxic and delusional fans feeling like their idols betrayed them by getting into a relationship, that doesn’t seem to be the case for Hani. Fans and non-fans were happy with even Knetizens applauding her. Many felt like the almost 10-year age gap wasn’t a big deal as they are both adults. With Hani known to be serious about her relationships, fans are touched she trusted them with the news and are congratulating her.


‘Happy for you’

On the release of the news, fans took to sending supportive messages like, “MY HANI. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU.” One was amused, “Free therapy.” Another fan added, “CONGRATS HANI. SHOULD’VE BEEN ME BUT IT’S OKAY.” One added, “Yesterday: Hani is confirmed as mc for a queer show today: news of Hani dating a man.” With Hani being an LGBT+ ally and also acting in the queer-coded film ‘Young Adult Matters’, one fan joked, “Hani what about women ??” One found the majority of reactions hilarious, “*Hani is confirmed dating* Everyone: A MAAAN? SHE'S STRAIGHT!!!!” Another fan cheered, “I'M SO FREAKING HAPPY!!!! Hani has seemed very happy lately.  If this guy is the reason why, that makes me even happier.”








Even Knetizens were happy as one wrote, “An older guy like Yang Jae-woong is acceptable... ..ㅋ He’s a smart, money-making, self-managing guy he has a nice personality.” Another added, “Hani is also more mature than her peers in mental age, so I think she would get along well with a man even if she had an age difference.” One fan simply shared, “Hani, I just hope you have a good person and have a happy life.” However, one fan was not too happy with Yang Jae-woong as they pointed out, "This is the same bast**d who tried to diagnose hanbin as a f**king addict on f**king tv FREE MY GIRL HANI." Another speculated, "If hani is actually dating that dude good for her but i am gonna say that it is kinda sus how the mews of her dating came out right after the news of her being an mc for an lgbt show."



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