EXCLUSIVE | ‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday’ star Tony Giroux says Lifetime movie ‘highlights’ his Chinese heritage

Tony says his role as Billy is 'Cheeky! And tenacious. Especially when it comes to a love worth fighting for'

                            EXCLUSIVE | ‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday’ star Tony Giroux says Lifetime movie ‘highlights’ his Chinese heritage

‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday’ is a romantic holiday movie by director Jennifer Liao that follows the young and well-established architect Suzie, who is visiting her hometown for Christmas. While she is in Maine, Suzie crosses paths with Billy, her high school classmate. After the demise of her grandmother, she’s guilted into taking part in the local gingerbread house competition. While she is on a quest to find the right spices and recipes to win the competition, she enlists Billy’s help.

Tony Giroux, who plays the role of Billy in the Lifetime movie caught up with MEAWW for an exclusive interview, during which he spoke about cherishing his Chinese heritage through the holiday film, what it meant for him to be a part of it and much more!

How did you land a role in ‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday’?

Tracked down Lifetime execs and paid them a sum they couldn’t refuse to feature me in a film. No…I wish! An audition landed on my desk. I taped, knowing very little about the project. About a week later, my agent told me an offer was coming in for it, and I was like “HOLD UP, WHAT!”. Had some uncontrollable butterflies, couldn’t sleep, and then was offered a part and sent the script. Reading it, I was ecstatic to take part in a story that highlights my own Chinese heritage with love and joy.

What can you tell us about Billy?

Cheeky! And tenacious. Especially when it comes to a love worth fighting for. In terms of his life, he’s been through some highs and lows, which have brought him back to his hometown. There, he’s discovered a deeper truth within himself, which finds root in the joy of the simple things, and freedom of expression I think we all yearn for. 

What can you tell us about Suzie and Billy’s relationship?
They were close in high school and then both went their individual ways. Both pursued their dreams and encountered one another after a lot of time had passed. I’d say it’s like discovering new streets of your hometown. There is a beautiful familiarity (and fun banter), yet they are learning to discover each other for the people they have become, as well as who they could be. 
What can the audience expect from  ‘A Sugar & Spice Holiday’?

I really think it’s one of a kind. It’s a warm cozy hug, filled with some neat surprises that personally made me rethink the beautiful possibilities of what romance can look like. 
How was your experience of filming a holiday movie?
Such a warm, fun and supportive environment. I think everyone was aware of the exciting, sincere, and important story we were telling, and we all poured our hearts into it. I really believe it will come across on screen. 
What is your opinion about holiday love?
Isn’t it the best kind? A beautiful reminder to celebrate the ones we love, open our hearts, and sneak in a little extra nuzzle if we can. 
What are your future projects?
I am currently working on Motherland Fort Salem season 2, portraying the character of Adil. Very different, and just as exciting. Can’t wait for audiences to see what we’re doing there. 

'A Sugar & Spice' premieres on December 13 at 8 pm ET on Lifetime.

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