EXCLUSIVE| Ryan Cooper of ‘His Killer Fan’ talks about dwelling in ‘dark stuff’ in LMN’s music-centric thriller

In an exclusive with MEAWW, Ryan Cooper sheds light on his role in the music thriller and his future projects

                            EXCLUSIVE| Ryan Cooper of ‘His Killer Fan’ talks about dwelling in ‘dark stuff’ in LMN’s music-centric thriller
Ryan Cooper as Josh Halliday in 'His Killer Fan' (LMN)

LMN network, notorious for its collection of thrillers, is all set to take you on a ride with its story of a rockstar and his twisted fan with its latest offering ‘His Killer Fan’. Described as ‘A Star is Born’ meets ‘Swinfans’, the music-centric thriller has much more to offer than what meets the eye.

Its lead actor, Ryan Cooper, who essays the role of the musician Josh Halliday, caught up with MEAWW for an exclusive interview, during which he spoke at length about getting into the character and what it took him to bring it to life. 


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Talking about his character, he says, "I like that he's very emotionally aware and he's had a lot of fame. He has maybe some maturity, which is quite cool. So he felt like a very emotionally connected male."

The trailer of the film teases with a ton of mystery and intensity in the way it's shot. When asked about the preparation for his role, the actor explained, “It was awesome. I had a lovely, lovely time. I've played characters that are dark and intense before. I did MTV's ‘Eye candy’ with Victoria Justice and had to play a psychopath. So I know what that's like. So, for the actor who needs to play that role, it's important to give them space to prepare and to be in that zone. It's just nice to dabble into a story with intense scenes in there.”

Ryan Cooper in 'His Killer Fans'

He added, “So, to play Josh, the biggest element that was new for me was actually singing, which I just love to do. I've been playing the guitar my whole life, but it wasn't till a few years ago that I felt really comfortable going out on appointments where I had to sing and perform in front of people. I've done children's theater, but it's very different when it's in front of the camera and you're learning and singing produced songs by wonderful writers.” Cooper had to prepare five songs. 

‘His Killer Fan’ is one of its kind, as it brings together the aspects of thriller and music. When asked what sort of music the audience can expect from the film, he said, “There's a wide variety of music because there are different artists involved, but a majority of it, I think, was written by Bret Domrose and those were the songs that I sang.”

During the conversation, Cooper told us that the film was shot in Atlanta and he describes his experience of shooting in big theatres as “really cool”.

“We also got to play in some smaller places like a bar.  The recording studio was just a real recording studio and just so beautiful,” he said. 

Cooper concluded the interview talking about his future projects, which he says are dampened due to coronavirus. However, he has four projects in development and he’s finishing a few of them on his own. “I'm just so excited about this project when it comes out,” he said. 

'His Killer Fan' will premiere on February 19 at 8 pm ET on LMN. 

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