EXCLUSIVE | Marriage Boot Camp's Hazel-E explains beef with Shanda, De'Von opens up about reappearing on show

In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Hazel-E and her model boyfriend De'Von spoke about their experience on the show and opened up about their thoughts on the co-stars

                            EXCLUSIVE | Marriage Boot Camp's Hazel-E explains beef with Shanda, De'Von opens up about reappearing on show
De'Von and Hazel-E (WeTV)

There's a lot more to 'Marriage Boot Camp' than a bunch of trust-building exercises and counseling. The show is jam-packed with drama, fights and, of course, love. The current season of 'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' features some of the biggest names from the hip-hop world and reality television. One of the couples on the show is none other than former 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood' star Hazel-E and her model boyfriend De'Von. MEA WorldWide (MEAWW) sat down with Hazel and De'Von for an exclusive chat, where the couple discussed their experience on the show, their thoughts on their co-stars, and also teased us on what we can expect from the show this season. 

Asked about their experience of being part of the popular reality show, DeVon said, "I think that 'Marriage Boot Camp' definitely had a lot of good strings for me, for my relationship with her." Hazel added, "We enjoyed being on the show and in the house. We enjoyed getting to know each other on a deeper level, like learning what makes each other tick and getting tips. And I mean, it was a true test." Hazel is happy to admit that if she is given a chance she would like to appear on the show again and De'Von, after pondering on the question for a moment, agrees with her. He explains, "Yeah, because I just know I would get some good tips out of it and it will be really authentic and it wouldn't just be just for TV or whatever. You would really gain something from it."

Hazel is very vocal about her fears and anxieties about who her fellow housemates might be on the show. Considering that they would be partaking this wonderful experience with four other couples, she was anxious to meet her fellow housemates. But as soon as she saw Shanda, she began having second thoughts about her decision to appear on the show. Later, we find out that Shanda and Hazel have been involved in a social media beef with each other. We were interested in knowing all about their beef and the current status of their relationship. 

Hazel shares, "So, the beef with Shanda just started on social media a couple of years ago. I knew her husband Willie, we were always good friends and I did PR work for him as well. When they wanted to join 'Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood', they reached out to me and I put in the word with him, our producers, and got them on the show. So I didn't understand why Shanda always had some animosity or little slick words for me on social media. So, when I came face to face with her in the house, I put it, I checked her on-site, like all these that you talking about and why are you talking and why you feel that way?" However, thankfully things between the two seem to have gotten better, as they now follow each other on Instagram. Hazel explains, "[After] being in the house and having to live together, we have now worked past certain issues. We actually follow each other on Instagram now. So, once again, therapy clearly worked for all of us in the house. Because we don't want to kill each other anymore and that's a good thing."

When asked if they could tease us anything from the upcoming season, Hazel and De'Von insist that the current season of 'MBC' is nothing like we have ever seen before. They explain that the segment with the lie detector test was "explosive" "dynamic", and "dynamite." Although they weren't willing to disclose any further details, the definitely piqued our interest, and now we can't wait to see what happens during the lie-detector test. 

'Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition' airs on Thursdays 9/8c only on WeTV. 

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