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Aamya Deva Keroles is back with her 'family' on the hit TV show Animal Kingdom, and it's time for more "ukuleles"

At only 9-years-old, she has a lot of potential to become Hollywood's next big star and possibly play Spider Girl
UPDATED JAN 15, 2020
Aamya Deva Keroles is back on the hit show 'Animal Kingdom' (IMDb)
Aamya Deva Keroles is back on the hit show 'Animal Kingdom' (IMDb)

Born on May 12, 2009, child actor Aamya Deva Keroles comes from a family that is as diverse as the roles she has had in her tiny but fast expanding repertoire of acting. She is known for her breakout role as Lena, who is the daughter of model Daniella Alonso (Friday Night Lights) and actor Scott Speedman (Underworld, Felicity). Together they act in the TNT series 'Animal Kingdom' which is directed by John Wells and Jonathan Lisco. The talented little star has also appeared as Lettie in the 2017 comedy starring Charlie Sheen, 'Mad Families'. 

In her spare time, Aamya likes to learn the craft of acting at the Loren E. Chadima International Acting school where she continues to progress further with her fledgling skills. 

We had a chat with her and found out what exactly it was like being a child actor in Hollywood and she had some incredible insights to share with us about her life, work and the industry that she is trying to conquer as Spider Girl some day.

1. What is it like being a child actor in the biggest movie/TV industry in the world (Hollywood)? 

Being a child actor is fun, exciting, and challenging. I am constantly challenging my imagination in order to keep up with my peers. 

2. You've worked on two projects so far (Animal Kingdom and Mad Families), tell us about your experiences working on both.

'Animal Kingdom' has become my family and I have learned so much from my co-stars. On the set of 'Mad Families', we also became family and I continue to talk to one of my close besties from that set. 

3. What was one of your most interesting takeaway (learning point/lesson) from the set of Animal Kingdom?

On the set of Animal Kingdom, there are guitars and ukuleles everywhere. I was given a few lessons between scenes by Finn Cole and from one of my set buddies. Then for my birthday, I was surprised with a ukulele. Happy Times! 

4. What was it like working with accomplished/well-known actors in both the projects you were on?

They are all such amazing actors that I truly look up to. They are all very kind and when I am surrounded by amazing talent, I always watch, listen, and learn. Being in their presence helps me grow as an actress.

5. Has acting always been your passion? Tell us how you got into this industry.

Yes, I have always loved doing anything artistic. When I was 4 years old, I told my mom I wanted to be on the Disney Channel. Like most 4-year-olds, I was and still am obsessed with all things Disney. Soon after, we were auditioning for commercials and I was in love from the start. I love to be on set. I love going to acting classes. I love learning my trade.

6. What was the funniest audition you've been to? Give us all the deets on what went down.

I had an audition that was so much fun to do but it made me blush the whole time because my character had a crush on a boy. I like playing characters that are a little different from me because it’s like playing pretend. I’m not into that yet because I’m just 9 years old and focused on school, my career, and just having fun but it was super fun to play that character.

7. What was the advice your parents gave you that you still follow today when it comes to your choice of career?

Always follow your heart and it is okay to say, NO!

8. Would you consider any other career aside from acting? Why?

I love fashion! I love creating outfits for my dolls with the clothes I have outgrown. I also love to study outer space and I could see myself as an astronomer. The stars, planets, and moon; it's all so beautiful. 

9. You've acted in a crime/drama (Animal Kingdom) and a comedy (Mad Families), which genre do you feel most comfortable acting in?

Both, I find it very exciting being on 'Animal Kingdom'. I really enjoy the action and I love, love, love doing my own stunts (when I am allowed). 'Mad Families' was a lot of laughing which was a fun change.  

10. If you got the chance to play a superhero later on in life, who would you like to play and why?

Spider Girl! She would be the best although she is not actually a hero, YET! Also, I take Ariel Hoop and Silk classes and that would make me the ultimate Spider Girl.

11. What do you like doing when you aren't on set shooting?

In my free time, I love to draw, create outfits, swim, skate, and go to gymnastics, Ariel Hoop and Silk classes. I also enjoy spending time with family and my best friends. I have a lot of besties!

12. Describe yourself in a word or sentence. 

I am awesome and creative with an active imagination!

Aamya wants to play Spider Girl when she grows up (IMDb)

We wish you all the best for your future project, Aamya and we're totally rooting for you to be Spider Girl someday! 

Season 3 of Animal Kingdom premiers on the TNT network on May 29.