Ex-poets release genre-defying debut album 'Too Much Future': Listen

The Los Angeles based multi-instrumental duo invite listeners on a curious journey of exploring the abstract on their experimental, genre-bending debut 'Too Much Future'.

                            Ex-poets release genre-defying debut album 'Too Much Future': Listen

Los Angeles by-way-of New York-based duo Ex-poets launch their debut album 'Too Much Future' Friday via Text Me Records. 

'Too Much Future' might come across as an easy-listening album, what with its laid-back tempo and moody, contemplative melodies, but half-way through the off-kilter jazz influenced opening track 'Our Homes', it's instantly clear that there's something much deeper at play here.

 Sonically the duo slip in-and-out of different planes, one moment savoring slick alt-R&B intimacies as displayed on 'Tracks,' and the next they’re tumbling through erratic vocalizations and electronica in the sing-speak, psych-noodling of 'Animales.'

It's an album that while drowning a multitude of layers and textures, also presents a stripped-back, almost minimalist feel as the duo embark on an unhinging pursuit of the abstract, with the songs laying bare for multiple interpretations. 'Too Much Future' is an album that is at its best when it’s not picked apart for its various intricacies, but rather absorbed in-full - an emphatic step in the right direction for Ex-poets' debut effort. Apple Music subscribers can listen to the full album below. Spotify users can listen to it here.

Ex-poets comprises multi-instrumentalists Jordan Brooks and Colin Killalea. The two music nerds (from Illinois and Virginia, respectively) were drawn to New York City to study music at The New School. They wound up in a jazz session together, Jordan on upright bass and Colin on sax, and quickly bonded. Together they formed Pocketknife, gigging locally before disbanding and working as players and in production for various projects. While Jordan teamed up with Lee Fields, Sondre Lerche and John Congleton, Colin went on to work with the likes of Natalie Prass, Klauss and Juliana Daugherty. Most notably the pair teamed up again to record and tour for several years with The Strokes’ Albert Hammond Jr. as part of his solo project.

Ultimately, the duo came together as Ex-poets after Jordan had a revelation of sorts while attending a gig at the Glasslands Gallery in Brooklyn. "The last time I was at Glasslands in Brooklyn was New Year's Eve, and all these hip indie bands were playing, but they were playing King Tubby and stuff between the sets," recalls Jordan. "In a somewhat heightened state of awareness an idea flashed to me to try something on this beautiful song of Colin’s.”

The duo exchanged musical snippets and ideas across NYC and Virginia, until they finally had enough for a full-length studio album. They teamed up with luminaries such as Jon Natchez (War on Drugs), Frank LoCrasto (Cass McCombs) and the Grammy-winning producer Elliot Scheiner to create the finished product - the genre-defying debut effort that is 'Too Much Future'.