‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’: Fans can’t get enough of Georgia and Callum despite their love triangle

The premiere episode of 'Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love" featured sparks flying between Callum Izzard and Megan Steele, and fans are loving it.

                            ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’: Fans can’t get enough of Georgia and Callum despite their love triangle
Ex on the Beach Poster (Source : IMDB)

The much-awaited premiere of the winter edition of ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love’ is here. The first episode has already given us way more than we bargained for. We were first introduced to the interesting singles, and the producers didn’t waste any time and immediately brought out the exes. Amidst all the drama and chaos, Georgia Steele of ‘Love Island’ (UK) fame and Callum Izzard from ‘Ibiza Weekender’ instantly hit it off.

The two got along so well that they spent the night together on the first day itself. Unfortunately for Callum, his ex- Megan walked in the very next day and spilled all the tea on him. She revealed that Callum cheated on her and then went incognito for four weeks. So, she came on the show seeking revenge but ended up realizing that she still has feelings for him. But sadly for her, Callum seems to be completely over her and has his eyes only for Georgia.

Georgia too seems unperturbed by Callum’s playboy past, and Megan’s presence. Although fans are concerned for Georgia owing to Callum’s past, they feel that both of them make an extremely beautiful couple. A fan tweeted, “Seeing callum and Georgia on here is so cute..it makes me happy to watch them knowing that they’re still together #ExOnTheBeach”. Another fan shared, “Georgia getting all nervous and giggly around Callum is honestly so cute, wow all of this love is so happy, too bad it's #ExOnTheBeach so we all know THAT ain't lasting!”.

“I luv me some callum already ..and for once it’s not just for his looks..this guy may be a player but he’s hilarious and amazing tv ...he and Georgia are just so adorable omg..get this guy on the challenge..#ExOnTheBeach”, expressed another fan.
It has been reported that Callum and Megan got engaged during the filming of the show, but split weeks later. The reason for their split hasn’t been revealed yet. Hopefully, we’ll get the answer during the reunion special.

You can catch all new episodes of ‘Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love” every Thursday at 9/8c, only on MTV.

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