'Ex on the Beach' fans excited as Devin Walker's ex Marie Roda washes up onshore and vows to win her man back

MTV's popular reality show 'Ex on the Beach' had fans cheering for Devin Walker's ex's arrival on the beach

                            'Ex on the Beach' fans excited as Devin Walker's ex Marie Roda washes up onshore and vows to win her man back

The latest episode of 'Ex on the Beach' titled 'I Put a Crush on You' had its ample share of juicy drama and fights.

After bidding goodbye to his ex, Elena, Mark was back in the game and went on a crush week date with Aubrey O’Day. Meanwhile, the other singles in the house sat dreading which of their exes would wash up on the beach this time. Devin Walker of 'The Challenge' fame and Kenya Scott from 'Are You the One?' had their exes washing up on the beach. While fans loved Kenya's commentary and witty confessionals on the show, it was Devin's ex, Marie Roda, who had all the fans going gaga over.

Marie met Devin on the reality show 'The Challenge' and the two have been in and out of a relationship for nearly three years. They had, however, never made their relationship public or official. Marie's introduction on the show had us all rolling on the floor. The confident lady claimed that she forced all her boyfriends into getting in a relationship with her!

She then said that she is on the show to rekindle her relationship with Devin and was going to get him back. Watching the girl's determination and confidence, we have complete faith that she will bring her A-game to the table to get her man back.

Fans are excited about Marie Roda's appearance on 'Ex on the Beach' (Twitter)

Fans too were looking forward to all the drama that Marie would be dragging along with her. A fan commented, "So excited for #MarieOnTheBeach, I've missed having marie on my TV. I'm going into the show kinda blind since I haven’t seen the first two eps."

Marie is so popular that fans are banking on her for the ratings of the show to spike up. A fan wrote, "Ratings about to blow the eff up! #MarieOnTheBeach." Echoing similar sentiments another fan tweeted, "Prediction — ratings for tonight's #MarieOnTheBeach will be higher than the previous season 3 episodes. It's the @Marie_TBD effect. #ExOnTheBeach." Fans were seen using #MarieOnTheBeach to share their excitement over her arrival on the show.

Catch all the love and drama of 'Ex on the Beach' season 3 every Tuesday at 8/7c on MTV.

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